Federal Robotics (Player Corporation)

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Name Federal Robotics
Ticker [FEDRO]
Alliance none
CEO Lilen en Dama
Founded 12.04YC113
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Three Laws
Website Federal Robotics Forums
Alliances none
Former CEOs none

Established 12.04YC113 under articles of incorporation compliant with the terms of the Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) and Directive Enforcement Department (DED), Federal Robotics is a capsuleer-chartered corporation recognized by CONCORD. FEDRO was founded with start-up capital and a small corporate legal team provided by the Aliastra corporation. The company remains loosely tied to its parent megacorp, co-locating the FEDRO administrative headquarters office with Aliastra's in the Alillere system, although officially it enjoys a legally non-affiliated international status as a capsuleer corporation. Shortly after its founding, the company launched its first operations in Gallente Federation space.


Federal Robotics hires capsule-certified starship pilots to fill management positions as well as consultative scientific, security, and support roles. The company adheres to an apolitical equal opportunity recruitment policy, accepting pilots from all cultural and professional backgrounds provided they abide by its employee conduct policies.

Media History

IGS: Press Release 03.06.113

ANN: Bombing at FEDRO Aunsou Offices 03.06.113

ANN: Federal Robotics to Announce IPO 02.06.113

ANN: Aliastra Takes Steps to Cut FEDRO Loose 21.05.113

ANN: Garoun Investment Bank Team to Alillere 15.05.113

IGS: Federal Robotics is Hiring 11.05.113