Fatal Ascension (Player alliance)

Fatal Ascension.png
Name Fatal Ascension
Ticker -FA-
Type 0.0
Founded January 6th, 2009
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Zagdul
Diplomat(s) Brenan Blaze, Calanthe Maulerant, Phey Onat, Xal Terveris
Public Channel FA Embassy
Website www.fatal-ascension.com
Executor Fatal Holdings
Members Fatal Holdings
Clan Shadow Wolf
Incompertus INC
House Aratus
Universal Fleet Operations
Fly Drunk
Stargate SG-1
Serenity Engineering And Transport Company
Federal Organisation for Outerspace Freedom
Fractured Core
Underworld Protection Agency
FA Alts
Balanced Unity
EVE Defence Force
Sons of 0din
Interwebs Cooter Explosion
Easy Co.
OX Syndicate Shipyards
Sigillum Militum Xpisti
Eve Liberation Force
Virtual Progression
Fa Logistics
Rydis Lovers Anonymous
Night Thiefs
Red Ochre Mining and Exploration
Elite Mining Services

Former members of the wider Providence community prior to the -A-, Atlas, Ushra'Khan et al invasion that saw CVA pushed from the region, Fatal Ascension sought a new home in 0.0, finding it temporarily in Scalding Pass alongside Primary., before ultimately becoming a guest of the Northern Coalition in Pure Blind. Following the fall of the old NC, FA currently hold Fade as a part of the CF Coalition.



Fatal Ascension appeared as an Alliance in January 2009 out of the ashes of Covenant Of Prophecy alliance. FA was originally the creation of the corporation Shadowed Command and its then-CEO, Raven Shadows. The Alliance was based in the Domain lowsec area surrounding Misaba and the Providence entry point of R3-K7K, where its leader and executor corporation owned and operated several POS towers. -FA- remained a modestly sized alliance for some time; first corporate recruits whips chains and ballgags departing within a month of joining.

Some degree of drama appears to have been involved in this departure and it started up a moderate rivalry between FA CEO Raven Shadows and WHIPS leader utchytotty which persisted during their time in Providence, and the latter's foundation of the Alliance Core Factor.

Life In Providence

Like many small-scale, carebear-friendly alliances at the time, the nascent Fatal Ascension spent time in Providence, enjoying the access to 0.0 security space allowed by the CVA's Not Red Don't Shoot policy and the relative safety this provided. As was also the case with other, Providence-based but non-holder Alliances, FA grew steadily and developed a good rapport with Curatores Veritatis, Sylph, Sev3rance and close allies Fidelas Constans and Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive.

As noted above, a mild rivalry existed between FA and Core Factor; mostly expressed by a lack of motivation on either part to assist the other and being generally dismissive of one another in public and private. By October 2010, FA had secured themselves a solid position in Providence, with several valuable moons; high standing with Curatores Veritatis Alliance, and the potential of being granted sovereign space within Providence. Fatal Ascension at this point, had also shifted its recruitment targets to more aggressive and active corporations, such as the PVP corps R.EVE.olution and Strategem Reloaded as part of their efforts to secure themselves a place in the region. Nevertheless, despite regular efforts to form patrols and roams within Providence and the work of US and EU 'admirals' Baggiosan and Laina Delapore, FA's PVP remained very much a small-scale thing.

You Shall Not Scalding Pass

Following the collapse of the Provibloc, FA needed a new home. There was some discussion amongst leadership over the best possible course of action at this time; whether to lurk in lowsec, take up an offer from Ushra'Khan to become vassals of the new Providence owners or seek out new pastures.

The offer from U'K was rejected (the timeframe for capitulation may also have expired by the time Raven gave this answer) and it was decided that FA's best choice was to take up an invitation from old friends Enforcers of Serenity to come and live with them and their allies Primary., Cult of War and Gentlemen's Club in Scalding Pass. FA initially moved to the 51ZT-6 constellation, taking possession of DE-A7P , JMH-PT, EIN-QG, S-E6ES with sovereignty over X9V-15 pending, awaiting the departure of renters Syndicate of Independent Nations. An initial payment of 1 months rent was made, though burgeoning relations with Primary. saw no further rental payments made and FA were regarded by Primary. as partners rather than renters. FA's Scalding Pass holdings later expanded, following the departure of EoS, to include U-IVGH and K212-A.

The coalition of Scalding Pass was a somewhat tenuous one; Enforcers and Primary. did not get along entirely well with CoW and Gentlemen's Club and EoS were pushed out of the region by the latter pair shortly after FA moved in. The less than entirely cordial political atmosphere, continued trouble with ex-PL French Corp Section XIII raids and early diplomatic issues with major regional allies Atlas led to a feeling of disgruntlement among many corporations, which expressed itself internally in the form of drama and squabbling. Thus it was that, when Goonswarm announced they were invading Scalding Pass with new friends TEST and old pals PL, it didn't FA long to see the writing painted in huge letters on the wall. Between CoW and GC being off up North doing Atlas' bidding as part of the latest MAX campaign by IT Alliance and the general lack of confidence in Atlas themselves as allies, it was decided FA would probably provide little more than a brief splat in the path of the inbound invasion force and that it would serve us better to withdraw, handing over sov to Primary. in the process.

Pure Blind, The NC and Goons

Early contact with Goonswarm during the initial stages of their invasion of Scalding Pass ironically put FA back in touch with old allies FCON, who were preparing to move out to Pure Blind as guests of the Northern Coalition. FCON were keen on reuniting some of their old Providence compatriots to participate in the anticipated 'reconquista' of Pure Blind; ejecting Ev0ke, Cry Havoc and their pet alliances, Luminance and Fear Th3 Vampires, from the region, as well as cleaning up a smattering of other hostile entities assets still floating in space in the area. Consequently, FCON diplomats offered to get Fatal Ascension a spot on the NC guest list and some space in Pure Blind. Given the options at the time, and the prospect of a muchly superior set of moons to mine for ISK, alliance leadership snapped up the offer and prepped the alliance to move to Pure Blind, forthwith.

Scalding Pass and the move to Pure Blind caused a number of corporations to depart FA; some due to implosion or collapse during the departure from Providence, some due to internal disagreements aggravated by events in Scalding Pass and a couple ejected due to inactivity.

FA claimed their first system as a part of the NC on 6th June 2010 in GA-P6C and expanded over the remainder of the 304Z-R constellation. The alliance had planned to construct a station and deploy this in Scalding Pass; the Caldari Research Outpost was instead deployed in Southern Pure Blind (HPS5-C) on October 3rd 2010.

A lot discussion had been had between -7-, FA, FCON, Controlled Chaos and others over the neighbouring Cloud Ring region - specifically as to what was to be done with it, once Ev0ke and others had been pushed out of Pure Blind. Initially, there had been a lot of talk about clearing out Cloud Ring, where Ev0ke, Ewoks and Cry Havoc held sov, along with Dead Terrorists. Little was done about this, though, and FCON and Controlled Chaos soon turned their attentions to the East of New Eden and the NC campaign into the Drone Regions.

Goonswarm, Wildly Inappropriate and TEST however, maintained an interested in further expansion and securing of the Pure Blind region by ejecting a well-entrenched and capable group of enemies from right next door. Fatal Ascension aligned themselves more closely with what was now being referred to as the Deklein Coalition, while fellow Pure Blind residents remained closely tied to the Northern Coalition and its eastern campaign. When Dead Terrorists relocated to Feythabolis during IT Alliance's conflict with Against ALL Authorities, the DekCo attacked Cloud Ring, with FA dropping SBUs in Z-Y7R7, an Ewoks system directly bordering Pure Blind.

A massive campaign into Cloud Ring, overwhelmed the predominantly EU timezone defenders. With Dead Terrorists no longer around to defend the sov they held, Cry Havoc gone inactive and the newly formed NCdot otherwise occupied in Fountain Ev0ke decided to cut their losses and withdraw. Cloud Ring fell to the Deklein Coalition in approximately one month. Constellations were divvied up among FA, -7-, WI. and TEST, with Goonswarm taking a number of border system for strategic jumpbridge purposes. The Goons, apparently impressed with FA's showing on the campaign, granted us the smug position of owners of XZH-4X and all the ratting goodness therein. And there was much rejoicing. Fatal Ascension dropped their second station, a Minmatar Refinery in YI-8ZM in late December of 2010.


Unsurprisingly, the taking of Cloud Ring by Goonswarm and their allies did not go unnoticed by long-standing enemies IT Alliance. It was fairly obvious that the jump bridge network being created by Goonswarm from Deklein down to the border of Fountain was a strategic prelude to an assault on IT and allies space in Fountain. Indeed, scarcely a month after the conquest of B-BDYQ, SBUs were deployed into neighbouring J5A-IX.

Response to the push into Fountain initially came predominantly from the client Alliances of IT resident in the region: Black Star, HUN Reloaded, Talos Coalition, Blade.. Confrontations between the Goon-led fleets and those fielded by the Fountain Residents tended to be very one-sided affairs ending in the destruction of the Fountain fleet. One particularly memorable incident did occur in J5A during its conquest, in which a BLAST Titan pilot accidentally jumped into system when he was supposed to be bridging an allied fleet. This is shown here. [[1]] The Titan managed to evade destruction, but the fleet racing to system was delayed and decimated on the EI-O0O gate. Consequently, the system was not successfully defended and became the primary DekCo staging system for the Fountain Campaign.

IT Alliance and thus, their FCs and substantial capital/supercapital forces were deployed elsewhere at the time and the Fountain Residents spent much of the early stages of the Invasion fighting without IT support. Following J5A, PNQY-Y and its station fell to the invading Goons and friends, providing the Clusterf*ck Coalition with a place to store jumpclones, ships and fuel, as well as a point to which CFC fleets could easily be bridged by Titan from J5A. IT mounted a spirited and massive defence of PNQY which was ultimately unsuccessful; repeated attempts to place Sov Blockade Units and retake the system were also driven back.

Efforts thereafter were focused on Talos Coalition, perceived as the Fountain Residents weakest member, and the Manticore constellation with its Talos-built station in 9R4-EJ became the next primary target, falling to the invaders on 3rd January 2011. Talos had already been bleeding members up to this point and this was the final nail in their coffin as an alliance.

The next big move in the Fountain Campaign was the infamous Hellcamp of 6VDT. CFC members established staging towers in this IT station system and all available pilots were deployed to this one place with the intention of 'camping' the system 23/7 until it fell. Hostile towers were covered in anchored warp disruption spheres, as were the station and the stargates. 6VDT-H was known to be IT's primary staging system and many IT and allied pilots, capitals and supercapitals were trapped in system whilst upwards of 600 CFC pilots remained logged in, in fleet and waiting to kill anything that logged in, kept occupied by dabigredboat's anecdotes and a series of POS towers to explode as they exited reinforced. A humourous video relating to events in 6VDT can be viewed here. [[2]]

6VDT seems to have been the proverbial straw for IT's back. Unable to break the CFC occupation of the system, internal pressures and a rising disenchantment with the situation ultimately contributed to several major corporations leaving IT and to their abandonment of Fountain. With IT officially out of any future defence of the region, the fight pretty much went out of the Fountain Resident alliances and the CFC forces settled in for the long, tedious job of grinding away the sovereignty in Fountain and replacing it with their own.

FA had already expressed an interest in the lucrative Minotaur constellation during early discussions with TEST over who was getting what. After a little wrangling over the details, FA moved into Minotaur, taking over from the previous residents, BLAST. Small, former Providence alliance Apotheosis of Virtue was installed in the neighbouring Kraken constellation as requested by Raven and Zagdul. Most of Kraken was held by FA, with two systems going to AoV, who were old pals from Fatal Ascension's time in Providence. This arrangement did not, ultimately, last or end well.

Known Allies

External Politics

Not Blue, Shoot It.

Fatal Ascension started out as a NRDS entity, allied to CVA. The fall of Providence in 2010 saw FA move elsewhere and change to the more common Not Blue, Shoot It doctrine of engagement, in line with their new neighbours and allies. FA have continued to maintain NBSI since the move to Scalding Pass.
Historically, the alliance maintained a staunch anti-pirate, anti-can flipping, no suicide attacks in Empire policy. Since moving away from Providence this stance has steadily altered so that none of these activities are prohibited, though engaging in them to the detriment of Alliance-level activity is frowned upon.

Some Former Corporations

Shadowed Command Dissolved following the leadership handover from Raven to Zagdul in early 2011. Active membership moved to Clan Shadow Wolf
Militaris Industries Departed FA for Cascade Imminent during the handover period.
Volition Cult Parted company with FA when the move from Fountain to Fade was declared after Mittanigrad, stating that they wished to take a break from sovereignty holding.
whips chains and ballgags First in, first out. Later formed their own alliance, Core Factor (now Care Factor). Currently holding space in Providence.