Eleutherian Guard (Player corporation)

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Corporation Details
The EL-G Minotaur insignia
Name Eleutherian Guard
Ticker [EL-G]
CEO Seriphyn Inhonores
Founded 2009.09.02
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Eleutheria
Alliances None
Former CEOs None

The Eleutherian Guard is a Gallentean capsuleer paramilitary attached to the Federal Defence Union, both founded and commanded by Luminaire General Seriphyn Inhonores FDU. Its primary objectives are to assist both allied capsuleers and the Federation Navy in the current conflict against the Caldari State, and to support the needs and requirements of local inhabitants and governments found in the warzone.



The Eleutherian Guard was formed in September 111 as a response to the military occupation and corporate annexation of much of the Federation's frontier by the Caldari State, with every single Gallentean system recognized as contestable by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act having fallen under foreign occupation. Headed by Gallentean capsuleer Seriphyn Inhonores and joined by Sang Do matriach Jianni Sotaku, the EL-G hoped to reverse the dire military and political situation by a concentrated effort on striking directly against occupying forces, focusing on the military objectives that the wider Federal Defence Union had otherwise abandoned.

Starting with low-level strikes against Caldari Navy garrisons in the Intaki home constellation of Viriette and surrounding systems, the EL-G did not make much progress on its own, other than preventing a hostile takeover of Material Acquisition operations by Poksu Mineral Group in Uphallant. Over time, they were joined by other pilots and outfits from the FDU, and strikes against the Caldari occupation soon began to consolidate into coordinated operations.

Breakthrough was achieved with the liberation of Covryn at the beginning of December 111, not a day after Jacus Roden became President-elect of the Gallente Federation. From then, a massive counter-offensive by the entire Gallentean capsuleer militia saw countless systems occupied by the various Caldari megacorporations return to Federation control. The campaign to liberate over forty friendly systems under enemy occupation lasted many months, way into the first and second quarters of 112, seeing as many as six systems liberated in one day, and thirteen in one week. The EL-G was at the forefront of the campaign, having been the outfit to originally sow the seeds of liberation that would later come to fruition.

Today, the EL-G continues to serve in the Federal Defence Union, defending our borders and people from the warmongering forces of the Caldari State. The unit is the only Gallentean capsuleer paramilitary to have interests in civil affairs and defence diplomacy, with the protection of our citizens from the excess of war as priority one.

The Unit

The Eleutherian Guard is a CONCORD- and FDU-registered capsuleer paramilitary and participant in the ongoing war against the Caldari State Protectorate and insurgent forces. Operating within the contested regions, we meet the needs and requirements of the Federation Navy, augmenting tactical operations for the achievement of strategic military objectives. The EL-G also serves local governments within the warzone, providing defence and logistical support in order minimize the effects of armed conflict on their citizens and constituents.

As a professional outfit that seeks to comply with the high moral standards of the Gallentean armed services, the EL-G defines itself primarily as being decidedly non-mercenary in how it conducts itself both in space and station, complying with all Federal regulation and protocol despite the principle of technical capsuleer autonomy. We avoid the privateer conduct of other militia units, and seek to set an example for other capsuleers and organizations to follow. Our pilot officers are proud Federation citizens, and firm believers in the ideals of justice and liberty on which the nation is founded.

Fleet Warfare

The largest battles and skirmishes between the bulk of Federal Defence Union and State Protectorate forces occur consistently at the Essence-Black Rise border, along a string of systems known as "the pipe". The heaviest fighting between capsuleer fleets take place here, with the primary objectives either being repelling hostile forces, or assaulting enemy territory. In addition to the STPRO, there is a considerable threat from local pirate groups that often match or exceed the capabilities of friendly forces, and will seek to threaten militia activites directly. Allied militia pilots will often make no hesitation in assembling a fleet to remove any and all threats. EL-G pilots have access to all FDU operations at this level, participating in essential fleet combat to ensure the continued domination of the Gallentean capsuleer militia over the enemy.

Tactical Operations

The Navy utilizes deadspace complexes to maintain territorial control of a system and protect vital military installations, encompassing the contestable area known as the Federal Defence Cordon. These are common targets for State militia pilots, who will often assault Federation Navy garrisons using stealth bombers and other fast-moving vessels, or seek to capture tactical outposts with a variety of different strikecraft. In order to protect the sovereignty of the Federation, and defend the local citizenry from Caldari corporate oppression, the EL-G actively hunts down enemy interlopers and assists the military in the securing of friendly facilities. The majority of these operations take place in the less travelled areas of the Cordon, particularly in Placid and the Verge, away from major fleet conflict points.

Civil Affairs

In order to best serve the needs of the local governments and citizens who inhabit the warzone, the EL-G can operate in a variety of non-combat capacities such as industry and logistics. This can also include the construction of groundside facilities in accordance with CONCORD's Planetary Development Treaty, the acquirement of Sleeper technology from wormhole space, or the manipulation of SCC capsuleer markets. The ultimate objective of all these auxiliary roles is to support the local lifestyles and economies that are often affected by the ongoing conflict, and to fulfill the expectations of using our powers and responsibilities for good. This concern for meeting the needs of the people and the conscious awareness of the consequences of war on their homes is what elevates the Eleutherian Guard above other outfits currently fighting the war.


Think the Eleutherian Guard is the right place for your career in service to the Federation? If you're confident enough already, then you're already ahead of the game, and are on the right track. Take a look at these basic requirements first, to see if you will be permitted to join the outfit.

All prospective pilots must...

- Be a registered citizen with either the Gallente Federation or Minmatar Republic. Alternatively, hold a work permit and/or immigrant visa with the Federal Administration. Waivers may be granted on a case-by-case basis

- Hold a pilot's license of no less than twenty-one (21) days old

- Not be in negative standing with the Gallente Federation or her allies. Those who fail to meet this criteria but nonetheless demonstrate a strong will to serve the Federation will be expected to correct all transgressions as soon as they enlist

- Be of sound moral mind and judgement

These are all just starting points with regards to your career in the Eleutherian Guard, as well as the Federal Defence Union as a whole. You will hold rank within the Federation armed forces as a capsuleer militia officer, and you will therefore represent everything that our country stands for and seeks to defend in these troubled times of war. We are not the mercenaries or privateers that have come to taint the reputation of the militias. We are not capsuleers merely out for our own gain at the expense of others. Instead, we are champions of liberty, defenders of freedom and justice, and will be expected to carry ourselves with pride, dignity and the high moral standards that has come to be expected of all who fight for this Federation.

Daunted? Don't be! As you develop yourself as both a capsuleer and an individual within the EL-G, you will soon learn and embody the virtues and traits that will be expected of you and your comrades. In time, you will be proud to be a member of our respected organization, standing as a beacon of principle amongst the dark abyss of space.