EVElopedia known issues

These are EVElopedia the known issues which are currently under developer's review. Thanks not to report them again. You can comment them on the Talk page

Last update : --ISD Elumiel 14:05, 3 January 2009 (UTC)


  • Redirects to item database don't seem to work
  • Redirects don't appear in moderation queue
  • Item DB seems incomplete or innacurate
  • Recent Changes Linked page layout is broken (like watchlist)
  • Rendering problem with Google Chrome
  • "Redlinks" behave strangely with some Item database elements
  • Long pages templates : The bottom of the page is outside the template


  • Changes to an article before approval should link to a previously approved version
  • Parser functions must be enabled to help templating
  • Add in the EVElopedia the previously existing flash guides
  • Remove links from printable version of pages
  • Confusing TOC and chapter numbers
  • Have an option to read the EVElopedia with a white background (change the template)
  • Make the "Top" contributors section collapsible
  • Activate LateX
  • Add a Feeds import to the EVElopedia
  • CSS for <pre> tags
  • Let users see the moderation comments added when choosing a mod option (incomplete for instance)
  • Enable UserJS/UserCSS
  • Add a "you have been redirected from blah blah" header to a page when you're redirected
  • Allow external Images from certain known sites
  • Re-enable the new messages bar
  • Enable a limited, bot-friendly API
  • Change the namespace name EVElopedia - The EVE Online Wiki: to something shorter and easier to read (like EVE: )
  • Autolinking too aggressive