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The Skill Tree API retrieves a list of current in-game skills. The Skill Tree is organized into skill groups and each group contains a number of skills. Non-published skills, like the Polaris skill, are not listed.

The example below shows all of the available groups with one row-set exposed.


Base URL https://api.eveonline.com/eve/SkillTree.xml.aspx
Parameters none
Cache Time (minutes) 1440
Authentication none


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2010-12-21 14:33:30</currentTime>
    <rowset columns="groupName,groupID" key="groupID" name="skillGroups">
      <row groupID="266" groupName="Corporation Management">
        <rowset columns="typeName,groupID,typeID,published" key="typeID" name="skills">
          <row groupID="266" published="1" typeID="11584" typeName="Anchoring">
            <description>Skill at Anchoring Deployables. Can not be trained on Trial Accounts.</description>
            <rowset columns="typeID,skillLevel" key="typeID" name="requiredSkills"/>
            <rowset columns="bonusType,bonusValue" key="bonusType" name="skillBonusCollection">
              <row bonusType="canNotBeTrainedOnTrial" bonusValue="1"/>
          <row groupID="266" published="0" typeID="3369" typeName="CFO Training">
            <description>Skill at managing corp finances. 5% discount on all fees at non-hostile NPC station if acting as CFO of a corp. </description>
            <rowset columns="typeID,skillLevel" key="typeID" name="requiredSkills">
              <row skillLevel="2" typeID="3363"/>
              <row skillLevel="3" typeID="3444"/>
            <rowset columns="bonusType,bonusValue" key="bonusType" name="skillBonusCollection"/>
  <cachedUntil>2007-12-23 21:51:40</cachedUntil>

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