EVE PLEX for Haiti FAQ

This page answers the frequently asked questions about the EVE community‘s support for the disaster in Haiti. Please read this devblog for more information if you haven't already: Hellmar's Devblog


Is CCP donating any funds to the collection?

CCP is primarily facilitating this collection for the EVE community; however, the company will incur various indirect costs such as credit card transaction fees, fraud screening and the use of vast array of staff resources. CCP is happy absorb these extra costs for such a worthwhile cause.

Will the money be paid to the Red Cross in dollars or Euros?

PLEX purchased in Euros will be donated in US dollars, but the amount will equal the original Euro value.

Does CCP profit if I buy PLEX in euros which is then donated and converted to a dollar value?

PLEX purchased in euros will be donated for the full amount. CCP will absorb any VAT charges incurred so that the Red Cross receives the full amount donated by players.

How do I create a PLEX?

Read up about PLEXs here.

How do I convert GTC to PLEX?

Information on that can be found here.

How do I create a contract?

Information on that can be found here. (Note: it is done ingame).

Who do I assign the contract to?

As mentioned in the devblog, the character that you are supposed to send the PLEX to is called "CCP PLEX for Haiti". Please make sure the name is spelled exactly correct, so that you don't send it to the wrong player.

Someone scammed me, pretending to be CCP PLEX for Haiti!!

If someone uses this initiative to scam you, then please report it immediately through a petition ingame. Our game masters will permanently ban anyone who uses this initative for helping the victims of the quake in Haiti to scam other players. Not only is this unethical behavior, it also potentally reduces the amount of money our players are able to send to donate, which is unacceptable.

I'm still confused, how exactly does this process work?

To cut the story short, you buy a PLEX, then you make a contract and assign it to the player "CCP PLEX for Haiti". This player is controlled by CCP, and all PLEXes assigned to this player through contracts will be converted into real money and sent to charities aiding the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.