EVEMon (Application)

EVEMon is a lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist you in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression.



EVEMon 1.6.0 Main Window

The EVEMon project was started by Six Anari (Timothy Fries) for the Goonfleet corporation; designed to be used as a skill manager and viewer. After considerable development, Six released EVEMon as an open source project for the whole EVE community, continuing to add features to the application.

After the release, Six stopped making contributions, since he was the only person with commit access to the source code this could have spelled the end for EVEMon. Fortunately Anders Chydenius took over administration of the project and in August 2006, BattleClinic.com graciously offered to host all aspects of the EVEMon project.

On August 30th, 2006, CCP's MyEve website dropped support for version and earlier. This was accomplished by returning a malformed XML file that crashes older versions of the EVEMon client. New versions (1.1.0 and higher) are sent the correct XML and function normally. This change was made in order to eliminate a bandwidth bug that would result in EVEMon repeatedly hitting the MyEVE site effectively causing a denial of service bug.

In August 2009 DonQuiche undertook a vast re-factoring and re-engineering of the foundations of the EVEMon code, these changes laid the foundations for the rapid development of new features added after 1.3.0 was released.

Over the course of the last four years EVEMon has seen a great number of changes. All the first waves of developers who contributed to EVEMon have moved away from the project and in some cases moved away from EVE.

The current lead developer of EVEMon is Desmont McCallock (Jimi) who holds the position of lead developer and one of two people with the ability to update EVEMon code and release new versions. The former lead developer of two years, Scetrov (Richard Slater), is still active in the EVE community working on other projects. The majority of the new features and bug fixes added to EVEMon are submitted by members of the community, the code and design is then refined and tested after which it can be released to the EVE player base.

Latest Version

The latest version is, released on March 30th 2014.


The original intention behind EVEMon was to provide a skill planning and viewing application, this core functionality has remained basically unchanged since version 1.0.

However over the course of time several other features have been added to cover different aspects of monitoring EVE Characters:

EVEMon Skills Pie Chart
  • Skill Planner
    • Plan Queue
      • Character Sheet Export to various formats (HTML, EFT, XML)
      • Implant Calculator
      • Attribute Optimizer
    • Skill browser
    • Certificate Browser
    • Ship Browser
      • Ship Loadout Browser
    • Item Browser
    • Blueprint Browser
  • Character Monitoring
    • Skills Monitoring
    • Skill Queue Monitoring
    • Employment History Monitoring
    • Standings Monitoring
    • Contacts Monitoring
    • Factional Warfare Monitoring
    • Medals Monitoring
    • Combat Log Monitoring
    • Asset Monitoring
    • Market Orders Monitoring
    • Contracts Monitoring
    • Wallet Journal Monitoring
    • Wallet Transactions Monitoring
    • Industry Jobs Monitoring
    • Research Points Monitoring
    • EVE Mail Messages Monitoring
    • EVE Notifications Monitoring
  • Tools
    • API Tester
    • Blank Character Creator
    • Characters Comparison
    • Mineral Worksheet
    • Scheduler
    • Skills Pie Chart
    • Market Unified Uploader

Licence and Cost

EVEMon is released under the GPLv2, this means you can freely download it, install it, use it, change it and share it as long as you comply with the terms of the GPLv2. No one should ever charge for EVEMon for any reason or in any currency.


To install EVEMon from version 1.3.4 and above you will need the .NET Framework 4.0 installed, versions 1.3.3 and below require the .NET Framework 2.

As of version 1.5.0 EVEMon requires the use of CAK (Customizable API keys).

Obsolete requirements as from version 1.5.0

The basic functionality of EVEMon only requires a Limited API key however certain monitoring functionality, such as Market Orders, Industry Jobs and Research Points, requires a Full API key to be used.