EVE Fitting Tool (Out of Game Tools)


EVE Fitting Tool (EFT) is the premiere Ship Fitting Tool for EVE Online.

This program allows you to test and try out ship fittings to determine the best fit, and fine tune your ships capabilities to your specific needs. This tool is popular for its numerous options including the ability to determine effects from wormholes, gang bonuses, boosters, remote repping, and various other examples. While constantly expanding, its basic purpose is to find tanking, damage output, mining yield, and fitting limitations according to a specific set of skills that may be changed.

EFT includes:

-An API system (For finding and updating player skill information)

-A list of modules with related statistics, including ship bonuses

-A list of all ships in EVE, available for fitting

-Compatibility with numerous other EVE resources, such as Battleclinic and EVEMon

-Ability to determine gang/fleet related effects

-Access to ship fitting information such as shield and cap recharge

-Numerous other attributes related to the fitting of ships.


EFT Warrior

An EFT Warrior is someone who debates, argues and promotes ship fittings that seem to be outstanding based on the stats reported in EFT (e.g. large EHP, good resists, etc).

However, such ship fittings may be either deficient (e.g. omni-tanking with both shield and armor tanks on the same ship) or not practical (e.g. autocannons on ships without falloff bonuses), leaving it ineffective in combat.


EFT is written by Gripen from Rage and Terror Corporation which is part of the Against All Authorities Alliance (AAA).

The latest version of EFT can be found in the link below:

Get EFT here