ECCM - Omni II

ECCM - Omni II

ECCM - Omni II A secondary electronic array that provides a significant boost to sensor strength for a short time.

Penalty: Using more than one type of this module or similar modules that affect the same attribute on the ship will be penalized.


activation costactivation cost
24 GJ


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
40 HP
5 m3


powergrid usagepowergrid usage
1 MW
CPU usageCPU usage
24 tf


Activation time / durationActivation time / duration
10 s
Tech LevelTech Level
2 Level
Meta LevelMeta Level
5 Level
Gravimetric StrengthGravimetric Strength
96 %
Ladar StrengthLadar Strength
96 %
Magnetometric StrengthMagnetometric Strength
96 %
Radar StrengthRadar Strength
96 %
Heat DamageHeat Damage
3.4 HP
Required Thermodynamics LevelRequired Thermodynamics Level
1 Level
Overload ECCM BonusOverload ECCM Bonus
30 %


ECCM - Omni II Blueprint i ECCM - Omni II Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Electronic Warfare Electronic Warfare IV
CPU ManagementCPU Management I


Tech I
i Alumel Omni ECCM Sensor Array I
i ECCM - Omni I
i Omni Positional ECCM Sensor System I
i Prototype ECCM Omni Sensor Cluster
i Supplemental Omni ECCM Scanning Array I
Tech II
i ECCM - Omni II

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