E-ON Issue 012

Published quarterly, E-ON is EVE Online's official magazine: now 84 pages of glossy, high-colour news, interviews, previews, exclusive fiction and player guides, all of it professionally written and produced by a dedicated team of writers and designers from within the EVE community and beyond.


Issue #011

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Let's Rock

Mining is a profession that has been cruelly overlooked by E-ON, and in-game miners have been looked upon with disdain by a great many. CCP itself admits it's a part of EVE that's been left to its own devices for a touch too long. In the face of such wanton ignominy, this issue we give some love back to the grime-faced mineral extraction technicians of New Eden by looking at how mining has changed, what the profession means to EVE in general and hint at what changes lie ahead.

Huge Free Poster of the Universe

Two years ago we gave away a free poster featuring a map of New Eden and an update has been long overdue. This issue we're proud to be able to give away to our subscribers a new, even bigger version. At A1-size (841 x 594mm) it will include notice of outposts, security information, jump lines and Faction Warfare regions, system and region jump lines and of course region names. It certainly won't have the same kind of depth as the new EVE Strategic Maps book, but will certainly be complimentary to it, and will look very cool on any wall regardless. Remember, it's for subscribers only.

Council Meeting

With the freshly-interred members of the Council of Stellar Management having returned from their first meeting with CCP, as well as reporting on what transpired, we ask whether what went on was just a bit of a chat or the beginning of a revolution for virtual worlds.

Three Insider Guides

In a slight departure from normal gameplay guides, in this issue we bring you a look behind the EVE forums, an idiot-friendly guide to lag and a massive how-to on writing EVE-themed fiction.


  • Profiles on Intrepid Crossing, Goonswarm and Ev0ke
  • Heavy Interdictors undocked
  • Interviews with GM Wyrm & prepH
  • Curzon Dax and DHB WildCat tell us their histories
  • ...and lots of other stuff