E-ON Issue 010

Published quarterly, E-ON is EVE Online's official magazine: now 84 pages of glossy, high-colour news, interviews, previews, exclusive fiction and player guides, all of it professionally written and produced by a dedicated team of writers and designers from within the EVE community and beyond.


Issue #010

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State of EVE

It's taken hundreds of years for democracy to assert itself as the dominant form of governance across Earth, a process that has caused untold misery and boundless opportunity for millions of people. Now it seems democracy is seeping into the digital world of EVE, of a sort that will allow us all a greater say in what goes on. As CCP prepares the ballot boxes and a draft constitution, we chat with the architects of the deliberative process and ask whether a brave new world beckons.

Free DVD

As EVE TV gets ready for the next Alliance Tournament, we track back to November to the broadcast of the last Fanfest to bring you full-quality highlights from the party (and presentations) from the top of the world. Nearly three hours of chat and partying on one silver disc, so you can remember it forever - even if you weren't actually there.

Blinky's Fanfest Extravaganza

As is now traditional in E-ON, Winterblink brings us his own personal diary of Fanfest, from the early mornings to those late nights, with photos to prove he wasn't lying. We also include some of your best images, and a run-down from all the Round Table discussions that went on.

Starting Out

Trinity has very much been a new beginning for EVE and with that in mind, this issue is very much attuned to playing through those early days. Whether you're fresh out of academy or just looking to try out a cheap way to PvP, we have something for you, with a massive starting out guide to EVE and a huge 9-page 'Testflight' looking at the best Tech-1 Cruisers to take into your first PvP sorties.



Two new EVE Chronicles - Interviews with Solaris & HelgiMar - Profiles of Hedonistic Imperative and Triumvirate - Guide to ISD - CCP History Part 2 - The latest news about EVE and CCP.