E-ON Issue 006


Issue #006

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Cover feature: Look Who's Walking

Fresh from his Fanfest appearance, CCP's Technical Director, Torfi Frans, talks the talk about walking the walk in EVE Online. You did know there was going to be walking in EVE, didn't you? Well there is, and although much is still to be decided about what we'll be able to do with our new appendages beyond prancing about and pointing at celebrity players, Torfi gives a pretty good idea about what we'll be getting up to.

Fanfest 2006

Having neglected to inform E-ON that he would be attending the 2006 Fanfest, and in failing to make himself known to us while he was there, we sought fit to punish the wayward Winterblink by making him recall his Fanfest experiences: Viking bear hugs, foyer blobbing and marvelling at the Icelandic landscape in his underpants.

Alliance Profiles

New to this issue is what will become a regular and exhaustive look at alliances in EVE. First up we have FIX and The Star Fraction (yes, more apolitical posturing from Ms. Constantine - you love it really). As for the player profiles, Ellisa Annasan talks tackling, Meinir Muireann defends freedom of speech and Darth Solo talks about fathering an army of mini-Darths. Eek!

Free CCG Booster Pack*

Everyone who buys E-ON (not just subscribers) will get one of those nice, shiny, foil packs containing 15 cards from EVE: The Second Genesis CCG worth a Titan-busting $3.20. And if there's a rare foil card in there (which is possible), the pack could be worth a whole heap more - but that's not the point. The cards are each works of art that you can collect, play with or just silently admire. (*while stocks last)

Insider Guides

To complement the free cards, we have the second part of our guide to playing the CCG - this time weighing up the benefits of the ships in the game. We also take an in-depth look at scanning, and there's the second part of our mission-running guide.


DigitalCommunist goes out with a bang trying out the new Tier-3 Battleships, we have interviews with Oveur and Clover, and three more exclusive Chronicles. Sadly, no more Stavros...