E-ON Issue 001


Issue #001

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Cover feature: Super Size EVE

The Titans are coming, but they'll be more than just big ships with big guns; fleet battles are evolving and the changes CCP has planned will go far beyond the reach of 'Kali', EVE's second major expansion.


DigitalCommunist hops aboard each of the eight Heavy Assault Cruisers to bring you his verdict on the strengths and weaknesses of this most versatile of combat craft.

New Chronicles

Three new stories, each one illustrated by CCP's immensely talented in-house artist, Börkur Eiríksson.

Insider Guides

Two guides this issue; one on how to stay alive whilst traversing EVE space, the other the first part of an extensive guide to trading.

In Character

We meet up with three of EVE's most celebrated and notorious players; Cyvok, Trigger and Freewheeling, who tell us of their histories, achievements and long-term plans.


Dancer and Kreischweide have been the driving force behind the development and success of the EVE-I website since it started prior to EVE's release. They sit down to tell us their story; the highs, lows, past, present and future.


Interviews with CCP's Kjartan Pierre Emilsson and B. Börkur Eiríksson, a look at Fanfest 2005, a full report on CCP's visit to China and a chance to win $500 of EVE gear!