Discovery Survey Probe I

Discovery Survey Probe I

Discovery Survey Probe I The moon survey probe is launched in the direction of a nearby moon where it will eventually land and broadcast back atmospheric and soil analysis data.

The Discovery is the standard probe used by most moon mining operations. It is fairly fast - completing its survey in about 5 minutes - but that benefit is offset by its rather considerable bulk.


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
240 HP
Max VelocityMax Velocity
3,000 m/sec
Inertia ModifierInertia Modifier
1000 x
1 kg
10 m3


Used with (launchergroup)Used with (launchergroup)
Survey Probe Launcher
Max Flight TimeMax Flight Time
300 s
Tech LevelTech Level
1 Level


Discovery Survey Probe I Blueprint i Discovery Survey Probe I Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Astrometrics Astrometrics III
ScienceScience III
Secondary Skill required
Survey Survey III
CPU ManagementCPU Management I

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