Decorations and medals

What are Medals and how do they work?


Medals are decorative items that CEOs and Directors can give to their corporation members as reward for doing a good job, taking part in special operations etc.

Each Medal costs 5 million ISK to make. Once a Medal has been made, it can be awarded to as many corporation members as you wish, it simply costs 5 million ISK to give it to each member.

There are no material requirements to create Medals, the system works like the corporation logo system.

So for example, to make a Medal and give it to 10 members would cost you 55 million ISK, 5 for the creation of the Medal and 5*10 to give it to the 10 members.

The fee should be transferred from the corporation wallet to the Nugoeihuvi Corporation wallet.

Each player can see his Medals in the character sheet and other players can see Medals in the "show info" window on every character that has a Medal.

Players can manage their Medals through the character sheet, under "decorations" and there he can choose which Medals to show publicly, trash Medals etc.

Members of a corporation can view other members Medals through the corporation management interface, under the "Members" tab.