Creating a corporation

Corporations are groups of pilots joined together for a common goal or purpose, much like guilds or clans in other MMOs. Player-run corporations are created and overseen by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), usually the player who starts the corportation. Pilots can only belong to one corporation at a time. When not in a Player-run corporation, a pilot will automatically be placed in an NPC Corporation.


Starting a Corporation

Required Skills

In order to start an EVE corporation a pilot must have the basic Corporation Management skill trained. The level of this skill will determine the maximum number of corporation members allowed. There are additional, advanced skills that further increase the number of members allowed.

Creating the Corporation

There is a nonrefundable fee of 1,599,800 ISK for creating a corporation. Once you have the skill and the ISK needed, and have decided on a name, open the corporation tool in the NeoCom. If you are in an NPC corporation there will be a button at the bottom of the corporation tool window called Create New Corporation. Click on this button to open the new corporation setup tool.


Enter the corporation name. The 'ticker' button will suggest a corporate ticker based on the name you enter, but you can also enter a ticker manually if you like or if it cannot suggest a unique one for your chosen name. The ticker will be shown next to member names in space. The ticker is a short letter combination to identify your corporation, without having to know the entire full name of the corporation.

You can change the logo by clicking on the left-side boxes to change the pattern, and the right-side boxes to change the color. The preview is updated as you make selections, so feel free to experiment.

Please note: You can't use a name or ticker already taken by another entity in game. This includes characters, corporations and alliances.

The tax rate and home page can be left blank at this point. The default tax rate is 0.0%.

Add a description for the corporation. This needs to contain something, but you can use the default text to begin with if you are unsure what to put here.

Hint: Apart from name and ticker, all these fields can be updated once the corporation has been created. This includes the design of the logo.

Leave the 'membership applications enabled' option checked (default) if you want to receive or process applications. Uncheck it to disable membership applications entirely.

If you want to create a new corporation while you are a CEO of another, you must resign from that position first.

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