Crashes and lockups


Crashes and Lockups

What causes crashes and lockups

The problem with crashes and lockups is that they can be quite hard to diagnose under some circumstances.

In some cases the cause is not even due to hardware or driver problems but due to network problems, if you suspect that could be the case I recommend you check the Network Guide for suggestions on how to solve that issue.

The main reasons for crashes or lockups are to name a few.

  • Faulty hardware
    • Graphics card
    • Motherboard
    • Memory
  • Other software
    • If you ALT+TAB over to other software it can change the priority for programs and thus lower the resources for the EVE Online client.
  • Outdated/faulty Drivers
  • Viruses
    • Viruses can corrupt programs as well as vital system files
  • Corrupt sectors on a harddrive
  • Cooling issues ( CPU or GPU is running too hot )

How can I diagnose the problem

  • Do you have problems with other games?
    • If you do then the problem is hardware wise
  • Run Prime95 to test your CPU
  • Run 3DMark or one of it's alternatives to check your graphics card ( some of these applications test the CPU as well )
  • To test your memory for errors follow these instructions
  • Run an error checking utility such as the built in one in Windows should verify if the harddrive has bad sectors or not. Information on how to use it can be found on Microsoft's homepage Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • If the computer is bluescreening a notification of the faulty driver or program is usually displayed, a crashdump/minidump is usually created as well which will list detailed information on what the cause is.
    • Most computer users do not know how to diagnose the crashdump/minidump, if one is generated in your case please send it to us as well as much information as possible from the Customer Support Information request page. We'll do all we can to assist.
  • Download and install Fan and temperature monitoring system software such as SpeedFan EVGA Precision ATITool to check if the CPU/GPU fan is working properly and/or if the graphics card or CPU are overheating.

What can I do to solve this

  • Close all other programs running on your computer.
  • Update your computer's drivers, this means:
    • Graphics card drivers
    • Motherboard drivers
    • Soundcard drivers
      • any other additional hardware you have connected to the computer.
  • If you use Windows XP download and install the latest full version of DirectX
  • Clean the computer's fans of dust helps greatly in solving heat issues.
    • Make sure that there's enough and correct airflow in your computer's case
    • Add cooling fans to the case will help as well.
  • Update your Anti-Virus software and have it do a complete and thorough scan of your computer.
  • If your computer became extremely infected by viruses you might need to reinstall Windows in cases some of Window's files have become corrupt due to the virus.
  • In some cases the problem is due to software issues, you might thus need to reinstall the EVE Online client completely or the program causing the lockup\crashes.