Covert Jump Portal Generator I

Covert Jump Portal Generator I

Covert Jump Portal Generator I A piece of machinery designed to allow a black ops vessel to create a bridge between systems without the use of a stargate, allowing its companions access through vast tracts of space to join it on the battlefield.

Note: Can only be fitted on Black Ops.

Jump Portal Generators use the same isotopes as your ships jump drive to jump other ships through the portal. You will need sufficient fuel in your holds in order to allow ships in your fleet to use the jump portal when it is activated.


activation costactivation cost
100 GJ


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
99,999 HP
1 kg
125 m3


Max Velocity BonusMax Velocity Bonus
-100 %
Activation time / durationActivation time / duration
20 s
Tech LevelTech Level
1 Level
Disallows AssistanceDisallows Assistance
Cannot Auto RepeatCannot Auto Repeat


powergrid usagepowergrid usage
1,500 MW
CPU usageCPU usage
50 tf


Covert Jump Portal Generator I Blueprint i Covert Jump Portal Generator I Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Jump Portal Generation Jump Portal Generation I
ScienceScience V
AstrometricsAstrometrics V
ScienceScience III
Jump Drive OperationJump Drive Operation V
NavigationNavigation V
Warp Drive OperationWarp Drive Operation V
NavigationNavigation I
ScienceScience V

This technology is designed for use with black ops battleships. These vessels are able to generate a jump portal for other Covert Ops ships, Stealth Bombers, Force Recon, or Blockade Runner Transport Ships as well as itself to portal into a system light years away. This allows for covert incursions into enemy held territories.

The Covert Jump Portal has to be linked with a Cynosural Field generated by a Covert Cynosural Field Generator that has to be activated by a Covert Ops ship, Stealth Bomber or Force Recon ship. The ship that opens a covert cynosural field is scanable as normal with the use of scan probes.

Please note: The bonus given by the skill Jump Portal Generation is to fuel requirements but only affects the strontium clathrates needed by Titan Jumpbridges. But as the Covert Jump Portal doesn't require any strontium clathrates, the skill will not give any additional benefits past level 1 for Covert Jump Portal Generators.