Council of Stellar Management

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a player-elected council to represent the views of the players to CCP. Current CSM members can be identified by the golden title CSM under their image in forum posts, and a list is available in the Category CSM Candidates.

Players can raise issues to the CSM for consideration, and obtain support for the CSM to raise issues to CCP by posting in the Assembly Hall Channel on the Eve-Online official forums.

Please note: Read What is the CSM for a short introduction.

CSM Activity

All CSM work is meticulously documented here on the evelopedia. Please refer the list of the special categories, which we use in order to sort issues. In the following you read a short summary.

After you have raised an issue in the Assembly Hall and it got championed by a CSM delegate, it will start its life as wiki page here on the evelopedia as open issue. The CSM will then debate on one of its next meetings about this issue (a meeting agenda will be published on the Jita Park Speaker's Corner) and can either reject the issue, or accept it, which will put it in process towards CCP. Issues will then be discussed with CCP in the upcoming meeting between the CSM and CCP.

If issues are not refused by CCP for very good reasons, that you can read in the minutes, then they are put onto the development backlog.

Issues eventually may be resolved if CCP implements features in the game that address the issue.

Some issues that are rejected by CCP, and even some that are resolved in whole or in part, are specially flagged for potential review by CSM. Players who believe a review is warranted should raise a proposal in Assembly Hall to this effect.

CSM Candidacies

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