Controlling drones (Guide)


Here are some tips on how to use and command drones. More information on the different types of drones available and their attributes, can be found here in the item database.

Please note: Drones are automatically incapacitated and abandoned if the controller is passing through a POS force field.


Equipping drones

You equip your ship with drones by putting them in your drone bay by simply drag and dropping the drones you want on the drone bay icon.

Launching drones

To launch your drones you need to right click on the desired drones within the 'Drones in Bay' section of the overview and select 'Launch Drones'. Warning: you cannot launch more drones than your ship bandwidth allows you to. To know your ship's bandwidth, right-click on it, click the "show info" button and select the "attributes" tab.

A small sized drone requires 5 bandwidth to be launched, while medium needs 10 and heavy 25.

Please note: Your drones skill level also dictates the maximum amount of drones you can have out at any time, you can deploy one drone per skill level you have trained in this skill.

Creating groups

To create groups of drones within 'Drones in Bay' you simply select a drone and chose 'move'. From there you can create a group or move to an existing group.

Commanding drones

When you launch your drones, you'll see on your overview that they are now considered 'Drones in space'. If you expand that menu you can monitor your drones' health.

To command a drone, select it and right click to open the command menu. If you want to command multiple drones at the same time, right click the 'Drones in space' menu and select the command.


Attack the current target until its destroyed.


Assign your drones to one of your gang members. The drones will then engage automatically any object the gang member attacks. The gang member can't control them directly. Warning: if the gang member commits an aggression in high-security space triggering CONCORD to intervene, your ship will be targeted and destroyed as the drone owner is responsible for their behavior.


Guard a target fleet member, thus the drone will automatically retaliate on any threat attacking against that ship. Note that the target fleet member in question has no control over the drone.


Drone cabable mining will mine the target for one cycle.

Mine repeatedly

Drone cabable mining will mine the target until its depleted.

Return to drone bay

Drones interupt what they are doing and travel with maximum speed towards the ships drone bay and re-dock there.

Return and orbit

This command will tell the drones to stop doing what they are doing and return to your ship, where they will orbit.


Drones can sometimes become stuck and unable to return to their controller drone bay. In such cases, abandoning them to be able to launch a new wave could be a wise decision.

Scoop to Cargo

With this command you will scoop the drone to your cargo hold. Be careful, though, as you will not be able to launch the drone from there. Use this if your drone bay is full and you want to salvage a drone.

Scoop to drone bay

Choose this command when you want your disabled drones to be re-docked in your drone bay so that you can re-launch them.

Configuring drone behavior

The default drone behavior may be modified to match your needs. Left-click the little white arrow in the drone overview to configure their attacking mode.


Drones won't automatically attack back if launched when their owner is being aggressed by another entity. They will continue to orbit and idle until told otherwise. This is default mode.


Drones will attack anyone engaging their controller in combat. Notice they have to be launched before the attack occurs for this setting to apply.

Warning: Drones will only respond to new threats if they are set to aggressive and launched with no other commands. Issuing new commands, such as a "Return and Orbit" command, will override the aggressive stance and they will not respond to new threats until they are relaunched with no other orders.