Combat Scanner Probe I

Combat Scanner Probe I

Combat Scanner Probe I A scanner probe used for scanning down Cosmic Signatures, starships, structures and drones.

Can be launched from Expanded Probe Launchers.


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
240 HP
Max VelocityMax Velocity
5000 m/sec
Inertia ModifierInertia Modifier
1000 x
1 kg
1 m3


Used with (launchergroup)Used with (launchergroup)
Scan Probe Launcher
Max Flight TimeMax Flight Time
4000 s
Tech LevelTech Level
1 Level
Base Scan RangeBase Scan Range
0.5 AU
Base Sensor StrengthBase Sensor Strength
20 points
Base Maximum DeviationBase Maximum Deviation
0.25 AU
Scan Range Increment FactorScan Range Increment Factor
2 x


Combat Scanner Probe I Blueprint i Combat Scanner Probe I Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Astrometrics Astrometrics I
ScienceScience III


Tech I
i Combat Scanner Probe I
i Sisters Combat Scanner Probe

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