Com-star (Player corporation)

Name Com-Star
Ticker [[COM-S]]
CEO Liyu
Founded December 14th, 2004
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Com-Star
Website Com-Star Website
Alliances Mercenaries for hire [MERCS]
Former CEOs Juniperox


Mercenary corporation available for hire

ComStar is a corp made up of first-class veterans. We specialize in armed services and offer highsec as well as lowsec contracts.

Our motto: "Violence is dealable!"

Our service contracts consist of three components: A weekly lump sum, kill bonuses and purchaseable add-ons. For details see one of the links below.


  • Pre-Ops: Scouting and surveillance, complete reconnaissance of targets in order to reveal enemy movement and affiliations.
  • Empire Warfare: Assaults on target fleets and structures - empire wide, no matter what corner of high- or lowsec you call home.
  • Defense: Support and tactical defense of client assets, including POS-defense, escort service, blockade running/breaking.
  • Economic Assaults: Denial, mobility restriction, supply line harassment.
  • 00-Ops: Coordinated raids in 0.0 systems (no occupation service). We strike fast, hit hard and are gone before the blob drops.
  • Hitman Service: Need someone dead? We'll get it done.
  • Cap Warfare: We offer capital support depending on contract terms and engagement.

We do not

  • ... accept contracts against recent clients.
  • ... assist in scams, exploits or actions breaching the EULA.
  • ... accept contracts we can't handle.
  • ... give out information concerning outstanding contracts.
  • ... backstab clients - ever.

Account manager

  • Liyu
  • Kiddow
  • Kolmaron
  • Carlos Spary
  • Hannibal184

Recruitment Information

What we offer

  • Teamplay
  • PvP - high sec, low sec, 0.0
  • expierienced pilots


  • a minimum of 10 mio skillpoints
  • Working headset and Teamspeak 3 Client
  • -1.9 or Better Security Status
  • your are able to speak and write in german.


  • Liyu
  • Hannibal184
  • Kiddow
  • Carlos Spary

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