Clusterfuck Coalition (Player coalition)

We Are The CFC



The CFC is a formation of alliances with a similar goal and attitude. They are primarily EU and US based players. They are well known for their local and forum spam. Originally most of the member alliances were part of the Northern Coalition. Soon they began to split off into the Deklein Coalition and do things on their own. They moved down into Fountain together to push IT Alliance out of their space and to give Test Alliance Please Ignore space. The Deklein Coalition and their allies attempted to repel the invasion from the Russian forces coming from the Drone Regions. They saw that the Northern Coalition was dying and they could no longer "prop up a corpse" and regrouped into their Pure Blind/Fade/Deklein space. After the fall of the Northern Coalition the Deklein Coalition changed to the Clusterfuck Coalition under the main alliance Goonswarm Federation.

Their main enemy has always been Band of Brothers and their offshoot alliances. KenZoku, IT Alliance, and Raiden..

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Formerly Well Known Enemies Crushed Under the Boot of Dishonorable Blobbing

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