Clan Shadow Wolf (Player corporation)

Name Clan Shadow Wolf
Ticker [CSDW]
Alliance Fatal Ascension
Founded December 12, 2006
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel CSDW Bootcamp
Website [ ]


Directors: Al Vonx // Celesae // Apok // Shato Tyroth // Artctura


The intent of this document is to bring forth the rich history that makes up Clan Shadow Wolf. The corporation has had many members over time and traveled down many roads. Some roads were good and some were not but all were beneficial and helped to teach different aspects of the game. As time is the ultimate adversary there may be comments that some remember differently however this is how I recall them. There are many points contained within that may help explain some of the other more controversial events in the EvE world and why they turned out the way they did. As another small side note, my role has always been typically behind the scenes so I was able to operate freely without a lot of extra “drama”

A smaller history of how Clan actually became an Icon for TJ and me.

While Toujours, myself and another friend of ours were in the Army together we played various table-top role playing games. Vampire with its various add-ons, AD&D, BattleTech, Mekton and a few others. As our toons grew in these various worlds an option came forth to create our own “CLAN” as interpreted by the Clans in BattleTech. With our toons being previously employed by Wolf’s Dragoons we borrowed a bit from that group and made Clan Shadow Wolf. As with any “CLAN” in BattleTech we had certain rules of conduct for ourselves and the way we carried our Clan forward through the years. We fell back heavily on the concepts of Honor from Feudal Japan and Medieval Chivalry to help build our actions. It soon became a staple for us in our role-playing lives.

Now on to the EvE Version.

I first began playing EvE on June 30, 2006 and through time (within about 3 months), and events found myself in FC-3YI in C.R.A.P.S. – Cosmic Research And Production Services as part of Sylph Alliance, a friend of CVA and UK, under the Presidency of KTOR and Senior Diplomat Drakmor. As the founding member of CRAPS recently had taken a permanent leave of absence from EvE we discussed creating a new corporation to allow CRAPS to go into “cold storage” in case the founding member came back. I don’t remember his name at this point. So I loaded up my Alt, Anglex, and created Clan Shadow Wolf as a corporation and handed it to Drakmor to run as CEO with myself, Toujours, and Ktor as all part of the leadership council. With Iggzy as a valued member that often had input.

Clan was the defacto corporation in charge of Sylph Alliance, along with leaders from other corporations to help govern the alliance fairly and utilize individual skill sets. As the alliance mechanics of EvE evolved we decided to create an Alt corporation so that the new funds and other controls could be easily tracked. This also corresponds with the time that we negotiated the purchase of the outpost in ISR-7P and began to carve our niche out of the Providence and Catch regions.

The days continue on and soon we found ourselves embroiled in the RP conflict of CVA and UK. Up until recently we had maintained a common neutrality with in their conflict and their conflict was simply “a role-playing good fun” situation. At some point a line was crossed and I don’t know by who but it happened and CVA launched a full on assault on UK’s station in 9UY4-H and conquered it. Shortly after this we as Sylph Alliance were pushed by UK to “Stand with or Stand Against” (yes I even have the logs of the convos as does Drak that can prove this event, contrary to UK’s position). CVA never did require us to make a decision.

So life continued on and we shot at UK when they were in the area and continued to develop our own initiatives. The first major accomplishment was breaking 1000 people in the alliance with the second, the construction of the Outpost in BR-N97 accomplished by myself. It was the one major goal I had in my EvE career so I arranged it managed the finances/donations of the alliance to make it happen for the alliance. I had told 2 people when the event was going to take place but I think I managed to catch the entire EvE community off-guard as outposts were not going up as quickly as they are today and only major players were doing them at that point.

During the era of building the outpost in BR-N97 Clan acquired one member of note and he has worn many faces and many names over the years but you know him as Aaquille. He had dreams so he and I worked very closely on several projects and managed different functions of the alliance together and he learned a great deal in those days and was very astute. Now don’t go thinking we agreed on everything but we did manage to compromise on everything so I’d say it was a great benefit to the alliance and to Clan.

As time continues on UK developed a relationship with “The Littlest Hobos”. I am not even going to go into that crazy time with the aggravations we traded back and forth but suffice to say we found out more about ourselves than we ever wanted to with the trials they put us through as an alliance.

At the end of Sylph Alliance, Clan left and the failure was mainly due to burn out. The leadership and all other leaders of the alliance were working mad hours then logging in and “working” mad hours in the game. People got tired and some decisions could have been made better but the ultimate end of Sylph was due to internal fracturing, so Clan petitioned and joined CVA because we liked the region and didn’t really want to move out anywhere so we went back to FC-3YI, kinda like full circle. It was this time when Odaith and Shato joined us along with some of their other members and put their corp into hibernation. When they joined we also took over control of VKI-T7. This all occurred shortly before the hidden belts and anomalies were introduced.

With the introduction of the hidden events we put forth the effort of building Caldari Egg and launching a station of our own that we built entirely within Clan. We had the egg and all materials in VKI and were within a day or two of launching the egg in VKI-T7 when CVA launched a surprise assault on .–A–. in the D-G system. The ensuing fight in that system was the largest fleet combat that EvE had seen up to that point. There were EvE gm’s in system as the lag-fest ensued and MANY MANY ships were lost, mainly on the CVA side since they were the ones entering the field of battle while triple A was already there so they had the benefit of little to no lag while CVA ships were destroyed hours before the pilots came back online. Yes the lag was that bad and soon that battle became the benchmark for server stability for CCP.

Clan had advised to not attack triple A since we knew their strength but the people playing the CVA Amarrs were true to their RP and attacked anyway. Within weeks CVA had lost almost every system they had and were forced back to Empire. It was at this time that Clan decided to leave CVA and just chill for 30-45 days and let everyone unwind.

Some Clan Bullet Points

  • Clan Shadow Wolf does not cater to the needy and require that all members be self-sufficient.
  • We are accomplished PvP’ers, Miners, Builders, Explorer’s, Politicians, Strategists, and Alliance Leaders.
  • Former leadership of Sylph Alliance. Prior to our stepping down as the leadership on July 26, 2009, Sylph alliance had grown from 6 systems in the Providence region, a player base of 200 (approx), and no outposts into an alliance of 23 systems, a player base of 1100 (max approx), and 7 Outposts, all of which is/was mainly located in the Northern Catch region, and all of this in a period of 3.5 yrs (approx).
  • On August 29, 2009, almost 1 month to the day since leaving Sylph Alliance, Clan Shadow Wolf has joined CVA.
  • On February 27, 2010, Clan left CVA.
  • Clan Shadow Wolf along with 3 other corporations made the leap. Planning had been ongoing for the better part of a month and on February 28, 2010, The Few. was founded as a new alliance. Ultimately, the road of The Few. led to disbanding,
  • On April 27, 2010, Clan Shadow Wolf and fellow The Few. refugees Ordos Humanitas joined Fatal Ascension, packed up everything from Pure Blind and moved it to Scalding Pass. Ironically, they had to pack it all up again and move straight back to Pure Blind within a month.
  • Current leadership of Fatal Ascension Alliance