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Region Domain
Name Throne Worlds
Average security status 0.868898824040796
Number of systems 10
Sovereignty Amarr Empire
Adjacent Constellations

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The "Throne Worlds" are just that - they serve as the capitol systems of the largest spaceborne empire in the known universe, with the Amarrian home system right at its center. This constellation also serves as the major market hub for large swaths of the Empire.

To quote from the game: "Once, Amarr Prime was known as 'Athra', its name before the Amarr conquered the entire globe and began to carve out the greatest empire in New Eden. It is the original home world of the True Amarr and the Udorians, a subject people long ago assimilated into Amarr society.

The Amarr Empire is so vast and ancient, however, that the oldest of its many settled planets have also come to be regarded as Amarr Home Worlds. Among these, perhaps the highest prestige is given to the 'Throne Worlds', those systems surrounding Amarr itself and the first to be connected in a newly-built gate network since the collapse of the EVE gate.

Nevertheless, the Amarr system remains at the centre of the Empire, with ancient Amarr Prime as the seat of an Imperial Throne, venerated by countless billions as holy ground."

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