Ideally suited for both skirmish warfare and fleet support, the Catalyst is touted as one of the best anti-frigate platforms out there. Faced with its top-of-the-line tracking equipment, not many can argue.


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
900 HP
Max VelocityMax Velocity
265 m/sec
Inertia ModifierInertia Modifier
2.76 x
1,550,000 kg
55000 m3
450 m3


powergrid Outputpowergrid Output
70 MW
Low SlotsLow Slots
Med SlotsMed Slots
High SlotsHigh Slots
CPU OutputCPU Output
178 tf
Launcher hardpointsLauncher hardpoints
0 hardpoints
Turret hardpointsTurret hardpoints
8 hardpoints
400 points
Upgrade HardpointsUpgrade Hardpoints
3 hardpoints


Recharge timeRecharge time
350 s
Capacitor CapacityCapacitor Capacity
650 GJ


Maximum Targeting RangeMaximum Targeting Range
33 km
Max  Locked TargetsMax Locked Targets
Magnetometric Sensor StrengthMagnetometric Sensor Strength
11 points
Optimal Range BonusOptimal Range Bonus
50 %
Signature RadiusSignature Radius
68 m
Scan ResolutionScan Resolution
500 mm


Shield CapacityShield Capacity
750 HP
Shield Em Damage ResistanceShield Em Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield Explosive Damage ResistanceShield Explosive Damage Resistance
50 %
Shield Kinetic Damage ResistanceShield Kinetic Damage Resistance
40 %
Shield Thermal Damage ResistanceShield Thermal Damage Resistance
20 %
Shield recharge timeShield recharge time
625 s


Armor HitpointsArmor Hitpoints
800 HP
Armor Em Damage ResistanceArmor Em Damage Resistance
50 %
Armor Explosive Damage ResistanceArmor Explosive Damage Resistance
10 %
Armor Kinetic Damage ResistanceArmor Kinetic Damage Resistance
35 %
Armor Thermal Damage ResistanceArmor Thermal Damage Resistance
35 %


Tech LevelTech Level
1 Level
Rig SizeRig Size


Catalyst Blueprint i Catalyst Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Gallente Destroyer Gallente Destroyer I
Gallente FrigateGallente Frigate III
Spaceship CommandSpaceship Command I


Tech I
i Catalyst
Tech II
i Eris

Often overlooked in the leap from frigates to cruisers, the Catalyst is a valuable tool for the aspiring Gallente pilot. The ship's eight turret hardpoints and supporting bonuses give it a peerless ability to destroy small, fast moving targets like frigates and even interceptors. It can run low level mission with ease in PVE and functions admirably in PVP eliminating tacklers and other small targets before they can harass larger ships that might be unable to deal with them. Unfortunately the ship's underwhelming mid and low slot layout as well as limitations to its powergrid and capacitor mean that even if a pilot can manage to fit the full eight gun setup they will be hard pressed to back it up with any kind of meaningful tank. Pilots are well advised to capitalize on the ship's range bonuses and stay well away from the fray, as entering it will be done at their own peril. When out of combat the Catalyst takes on a second life. With its high slots and substantial cargo hold repurposed it can be used as a potent industrial ship. It can mine nearly as much as its much larger cousin the Vexor, and when fitted with an afterburner it is arguably second to none as a salvaging platform. Any Gallente pilot would be well served to have such a ship at their disposal.

Destroyers are also normally seen as the mainstay in wreck salvaging ships before a pilot can fly a Noctis, and in this role the Catalyst has the best blend of slots to be the most efficient at it, with the following fit:


4 x Small Tractor Beam I

4 x Salvager I


1 x Cap Recharger II

1 x Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters


1 x Type-D Attenuation Signal Augmentation

2 x Expanded Cargohold II

This build surpasses all of the other destroyers in several ways:

The Minmatar Thrasher and the Amaar Coercer lose out as the Catalyst can lock onto 8 targets with the signal amplifier instead of 7. You can have all four salvagers going on different wrecks, and the four tractor beams bringing four more wrecks into range. The Coercer also only has a single mid slot which would be used for the Afterburner, but it would then lose capacitor too quickly to be useful for continuous long-term salvaging. The Thrasher also loses out as it has an extra unnecessary mid slot and loses a low slot for a cargohold expander.

The Caldari Cormorant can also lock onto 8 targets with a signal amplifier, but it has too many mid slots to be useful and only a single low slot for the signal amplifier to maintain maximum salvaging rate, but it would not have the cargo capacity of the Catalyst and would have to drop off salvage loads far more frequently.

The Afterburner is preferable for speed enhancement over an MWD for this purpose. Many deadspace rooms prevent MWDs from working, and this fit allows for you to drag-salvage 4 wrecks simultaneously while moving into range of others. Since the tractor beams can only drag a wreck at 500 m/s, going any faster than this will bring your ship outside of salvager range while you're dragging wrecks along. With high skills you will be able to hit speeds over 530 m/s with the afterburner, but slightly reducing your ship speed will easily compensate for this without being anywhere near as capacitor intensive as a MWD doing the same.

With the release of the Noctis, which is an absolute wreck-munching machine, the popularity of the Catalyst for salvaging has understandibly plummeted. However, in high-risk areas the Catalyst is still a very viable option when the pilot doesn't want to risk a Noctis that can cost 50 times as much.

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