Cargo Transportation (Caldari)

Cargo Delivery -

Mission Description

The security forces in New Caldari are in constant need of extra planetary vehicles, and we are the main distributer of these vehicles. They have a commander coming in who demands a brand new vehicle whenever he arrives, though, so if you're free then I'd like you to take this unit and transport it to New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau.

Mission Information

Type : Storyline - Distribution

Location : Normal Space

Mission Level : 1

Part of a Mission Chain : No

Mission Goal

Transport 1 unit of Crates of Planetary Vehicles

Tips and Help

You require at least 40.0m in cargo space to carry the mission item. Mission given by Furas Vaupero located nearby Maurasi IX - Moon 12 - caldari Navy Assembly Plant.


Additional Information About this Mission

Mission Bounties: None
Mission Reward: 11,000 ISK
Time Bonus: 14,000 ISK (34 minutes)
Mission Items: 1 unit of Crates of Planetary Vehicles

Please note: LP points, Rewards & Bonus received are dependent on your standings and social skills. The values shown here are based on the amalgamation of the character contributions.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: Not applicable

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: Not applicable

No enemies spawned. Story-line distribution mission.