Caldari COSMOS Guide


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Caldari COSMOS Guide

The Caldari COSMOS constellation can raise faction standings from 0.0 to over 5.0 unmodified with no additional storyline missions run. It is recommended you have Caldari standings above 6.0 beforehand, though these missions can assist you in achieving those standings. COSMOS complexes generally have widely varying ship class restrictions from frig to battlecruisers. Battlecruisers are generally the preferred ship to generate isk, though an assault frig will not have to worry about gate restrictions. Most courier missions can be done in an assault frig, though may require cargo expanders.

Unless you buy the items needed off the market, you will need an Analyzer and a Codebreaker for some of the missions/plexes. ?? makes a good base of operations, as many of the mission and agent locations are in or next door to ??.


The Caldari high-sec COSMOS exploration sites are located in the Okkelen constellation.

Agent List

Level 1 Agents

Standing requirement 0.0

Level 2 Agents

Standing requirement 2.0

Level 3 Agents

Standing requirement 4.0

Level 4 Agents

Standing requirement 6.0

Remaining Agents

The following agents are located at the Friggi stargate in Otitoh and do not offer normal missions. Each agent offers a trade mission Improving Relations, which in addition to a small faction and corp standing boost gives a reward of Caldari Navy ship blueprint copies in exchange for delivering faction pirate tags. Access to each agent has a Caldari State faction standing requirement in order to be offered the trade. Note this is unmodified standing, i.e. the base value standing before modification by social skills. Each mission is only offered once.

  • Kaiko Maina (L4 Q20 - Command - Caldari Navy) / System: Otitoh
    • Required Caldari State faction standing: 8.22 (unmodified)
    • Trade: 30 Guristas Silver tags
    • Reward: 2-run Caldari Navy Hookbill BPC
  • Emma Tharkin (L4 Q20 - Security – Caldari Navy) / System: Otitoh
    • Required Caldari State faction standing: 9.20 (unmodified)
    • Trade: 30 Guristas Gold tags
    • Reward: 2-run Caracal Navy Issue BPC ME 20 PE 8
  • Zoun Makui (L4 Q20 - Administration – Chief Executive Panel) / System: Otitoh
    • Required Caldari State faction standing: 9.90 (unmodified)
    • Trade: 30 Guristas Diamond tags
    • Reward: 2-run Raven Navy Issue BPC ME 20 PE 8

Complex List


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