Bulk Trade (Mailing list)

This mailing list is used to trade eve items in large quantities.

Please note: Due to Official CCP game Mechanics change restricting in game mailing lists to a maximum 3000 people
  • This will never be reverted so all the ingame "bulk trading mailing list wannabes" are not offering you a viable solution
  • If you want to confirm it you can petition them about it I am not at liberty to discuss it unfortunately.

We have decided to move the mailing list out of game and on the new mailing list from the 01.03.2014 the mailing list will adopt a subscription plan. Why a subscription plan ? Because maintaining standards require work and a fairly good amount of it and in eve time is money. So while we enjoyed making the mailing list for free the past couple years , we have to look at other alternatives to maintain perrenity and higher standards.

Our goals on the "new" mailing list remain the same as the "old" one are to promote and enforce the following values

  • Efficiency
  • Longevity
  • Higher Standards (Ease of Access, Scam Free, and Adaptable/Reactive to player trends, etc...)

Should you choose to continue the venture with us we greatly appreciate it and you will be greatly rewarded for it.

Hint: New Mailing list Ingame compatible https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/bulk_trade

If you choose not to follow us in this venture well peace be with you no hard feelings.

We do not believe in instant gratification and the bulk trade mailing list is the result of multiple years of positive reinforcement and adaptation so while at this exact time the conditions might not be ideal, please bare with us in this period of transition.

I will always reply and acknowledge constructive criticism so if you have anything constructive to tell me please post it there https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&find=unread&t=180749


Subscription details

  • Pricing

The rates are as follow and will be active from the 01.03.2014

    • 1 Month = 10M Isk
    • 3 Month = 25M Isk
    • 6 Month = 45M Isk
    • 9 Month = 70M Isk
    • 1 Year = 85M isk
  • Bonus

We are going to make a Free Plex lottery for the subscribers I still need to work on the details but roughly at a certain amount of subscribers i will make a lottery by using the unique id system and voila we have a winner with extra isk or 1 extra month of Eve online for free :D

Hint: To join the new mailing list you must simple apply Here https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/bulk_trade And use your ingame character name

The bulk trade mailing list moderating team

  • Operators W3370Pi4 & XrayZII & imsone wbicantmine & drol tack
  • Iif you need assistance read this [[1]] or in extreme cases contact Vjeko or W3370Pi4 in that order

The Mailing list TLDR rules

Warning: The main rules below will not be fully enforced until the 01.03.2014

However please try to follow the rules in general especially the following ones

  • You must use your ingame name or you will be banned.
  • You must make an effort to follow formatting templates.
  • Spamming of any kind.

Whilst I enjoy efficiency and order I realize that everybody is not interested about reading therefore i have made a version of the rules for this public.

I do realize that this is fairly unfair for the people who show a real effort but its currently a beta rule , the objective here is to reduce the amount of assistance request whilst maintaining higher standard and overall satisfaction.

- When joining the mailing list you will receive a welcoming mail containing an explicit list of rules : by using the mailing list in anyway you accept to abide by these rules by default. This is the bare minimum that you need to include in your mail without getting banned :

  • Mail subject = the name of items you are selling

Mail content = WTS or WTB

  • The name of the item
  • the price per unit
  • the location

The bulk trade mailing list rules & policies

  • Minimum quantities:
    • 5 for normal ships
    • 5 for faction ships
    • 5 for all modules with a meta ≤ to 5 except Capital modules
    • 5 for Capital modules
    • 5 for all modules with a meta ≥ to 6
    • 10000 for ammunition faction or normal except Frequency Crystals
    • 50 for T2 Frequency Crystals minimum
    • 100 for other crystals
    • 50 for planetary materials
    • 1000 for t1 Salvage
    • 25 for T2 Salvage
    • 10000 for Moon related materials
    • 5 for POS modules
    • 5 for Anything else
  • You need to give the following information : Price per unit ( PPU is only given to inform the buyer of the average price this does not mean you are allowed to sell by the unit you will get banned if you sell by the unit ) / Price per batch of 5 units or more / Location / Total quantity/packs available /Price for the whole stack of modules. ( more details below )
  • If you want to sell your goods all together you must be very explicit about it .
  • All items sold on the mailing list must be sold in packs of 5 units minimum ( selling by the unit/ Retailing will not be tolerated )
  • Do not sell your faction items/ships here unless you have 5 identical modules/ships.
  • Indicating on your mail that you accept retail order ( selling just for one unit of anything even titans ) is now a non negotiable banable offense and you will be fined up to 500m isk to be unbanned even if you apologize this rule will now be systematically enforced.
  • This mailing list is based on the free market rule( like the economy in eve online ) so you are free to put any price tag you want on your items. . ( however i strongly recommend that you price them at least lower than the major market hub ( jita / amarr / dodixie / rens ) closest to your goods )
  • Manipulating any markets and dumping stock falsely priced on the mailing list will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban for all the characters linked.
  • Do not sell your Blueprint Original here unless you have 5 identical bpos the same applies to Blueprint copies.
  • You must absolutely indicate a price range for everything you sell on the mailing list & indicate that you are opened to negotiations if it's the case.
  • You must not in any circumstances try to bargain somebody when they didn't put an *N* in their mail subject doing this will result in a ban.
  • all mails sent on the mailing list should follow the following templates : http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Bulk_Trade_%28Mailing_list%29#How_to_write_a_mail_for_the_mailing_list
  • Selling goods that are listed on the market is not allowed.
  • Sending a mail to the mail list with a public contract is allowed but is not good for business.
  • Want to buy offers mails are allowed but must respect the quantity rules and the templates.
  • Linking/highlighting the items listed in the mails sent on the mailing list is mandatory to make it easier to check the price of the goods.
  • Blueprint copies are allowed but not capital blueprints packs like freighter packs or carrier packs.
  • If you have different items to sell on the same occasion please only make one mail.
  • Concerning mail updates : you can only send and update mail to the mailing list once the items listed in the mail are sold or once every 24 hours to update the price eventually this means sending more than 2 or 3 mails on the mailing within 24hours starts to put you in the ToBeBanned list.
  • Regardless of quantity you must offer a bulk buyout price for your items to give the opportunity to buy your whole stock.
  • If you are the ceo of a corporation and you post a bad mail on the mailing list your corporation will be banned aswell.
  • Disciplinary actions will be taken against violators & Bans will eventually be issued without any prior warnings in order to keep a general standard on the mailing list .( if you break a rule that is very explicit , you get banned).
  • People who are found with a CSPA charge higher than 10000 isk will be banned from the mailing list.
Please note: Rules Are updated all the time. I recommend that you check this page or read the welcome mail sent on the mailing list from time to time

General recommendations

I find rules very simple to understand however i am opened to all constructive feedback/criticism.

Please try to be courteous & polite with everyone when using the mailing list.

Thanks in advance

How to write a mail for the mailing list

  • A mail sent on the Bulk Trade mailing list should be properly written. Hundreds of people will read it; it will reflect your focus and professionalism. It will also show that you are not lazy. TL;DR: in Eve online your image is important

Concerning the Mail's Subject :

  • All mail's subjects should be written following this template.
    • All mail titles should now contain if you want to buy ("WTB") or sell ("WTS") followed by the type of items.
    • If you are open to negotiations you should now put an *N* at the end of the mail subject. Persons found low balling, falsely claiming to be negotiable, or otherwise abusing the *N* marker will be dealt with.

A bad subject is vague on the item, fails to specify whether it is a buy or sell offer, or mis-formatted. Don't do this!

  • WTS Leftovers
  • WTS T2 Stuff
  • T2 Hornet/Infiltrator/Valk
  • pos modules SALE
  • Hello homies buy may sh*t
  • Sisters Expanded Probe Launchers

A good subject specifies the order type (buy/sell), the item types, and whether the order is negotiable with *N*.

  • WTB Customs Office Gantry BPC's
  • WTS Medium T2 shield Rigs*N*
  • WTS T2 ammo\ T2 AB'S\ T2 medium Shield rep
  • WTB Bulk T2 Salvage*N*
  • WTS T2 Medium combat drones
  • WTS T2 Projectile Guns*N*
  • WTS Drone Link Augmentor II & Large EMP Smartbomb II
  • WTS T2 Sen Bo

If your order has completely filled or sold, your follow-up mail's subject (announcing the completed status) should say "sold" or "filled", followed by the original mail's subject:

  • *filled*WTB Customs Office Gantry BPC's
  • *soldWTS Medium T2 shield Rigs*N*
  • *sold*WTS T2 ammo\ T2 AB'S\ T2 medium Shield rep
  • *sold*WTB Bulk T2 Salvage*N*
  • *sold*WTS T2 Medium combat drones
  • *sold*WTS T2 Projectile Guns*N*
  • *sold*WTS Drone Link Augmentor II & Large EMP Smartbomb II
Hint: So basically the general mail subject template begins with on of the following "WTS"/"WTB"/"SOLD"/"FILLED"/UPDATE* : "Item" *N*
  • A properly written mail should contain the following in the mail body:
    • The name of the items
    • The quantity
    • The price for the lot of 5/10/50/1000 units as you wish
    • The price per unit for the lot or lots
    • The location of the items
    • The buyout price for the whole stock of items.

Below are a couple examples of GOOD mails sent on the mailing list:


Mail subject WTS : AB's / Co-pro's / Magstab's

1MN Afterburner II x 580 bulks of 100 @ 600k/unit - 336mil for the lot

10MN Afterburner II x 250 bulks of 100 @ 950k/unit - 230mil for the lot

Co-Processor II x 470 bulks of 100 @ 770k/unit - 350mil for the lot

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II x 540 bulks of 100 @ 704k/unit - 360mil for the lot

located in jita 4-4

Convo or mail with any questions or orders.
Example: Mail subject : WTS 2500 Scorch M crystals

WTS 2500 x Scorch M crystals in Jita 4/4

Price 330K ea, will sell in packs of 100 crystals (33m per pack).

Bulk price 812.5M for the lot (works out to be 325K per crystal).

Preference given to bulk purchases, unfortunately no delivery.

Please mail or convo me in game.

Example: Mail subject : WTS Spike M

WTS 4.7mil Spike M in Jita 4-4. 330 isk pu Min purchase 200k at 65mil Purchases over 1mil 5% discount

full batch for 1.3bil
Example: Mail subject :WTS POCO BPC customs office gantry

WTS customs office gantry BPC

Sell place is Rens or Jita mail me how many you need. 10-19: 18,5 mil/BPC 20-50: 17,5 mil/BPC

50+: 16,5 mil/BPC

Blank Mail Templates to format your mails

Example: Blank Mail Template to help you format your emails properly

This should be in the Email subject :WTS T2 mods/ modules / Ships / ect

This should be in the Email Body :

[Item] x[units] [Price]/unit for batches of [size], [batch price].

[Price]/unit for batches of [size2], [batch price2]. [Price]/unit for full stack, [Stack Price].

Total price for all listed items: [Grand Total]

The items are located in [Station] (Linking Stations is recommended if other than a major hub.)

[Preferred Contact Method]

-[Signoff message]

Statistics /numbers

  • old*

There is currently approximately 3000 subscribers on the mailing list - ~900 Mail posted every month

What to do if you were banned from the mailing list

Hint: this will be redefined to be accurate with the new mailing list

FeedBack & Assistance

If you have troubles or questions join the "legit talk" channel or mail W3370Pi4

For user comments & feedback check the following link The "Bulk Trade" Mailing list