Blood Surveillance Squad

Blood Surveillance Squad
Escalates From Provisional Blood Outpost
Security Lowsec
Regions Aridia
Max Stages 4
Pirate type Blood Raiders

This escalation chain can be received at the end of Provisional Blood Outpost.

"It seemed for a while you would manage to get all of the Blood ships, but evidently one of them has slipped away. Luckily your scanners seem to have gathered enough information to give you its approximate destination. "


Escalation Site 1

After the warp-in, this site has one pocket

  • 4 Elder Coprii Reaver
  • 3 Corpatis Fanatic

- Here you may find a Dark Blood Sage approx. 16km off the gate.

The newly constructed acceleration gate takes you to a new pocket. This gate is not locked

Blood Security Station 62 km

  • 2 Corpatis Bishop CR
  • 2(or 4) Dire Pithum Murderer CR - jamming
  • 3 Elder Corpum Arch Sage CR
  • 4 Pithatis Revolter CR

There is a large group of mixed NPCs at 200km. When you enter the pocket they all disappear. When you destroy the Blood Security Station you may get an escalation message for the next site

"The station databanks contain information on the local Blood Covenant security network and among it; a location of yet another station similar to this one. That is your best clue as to where the ships that fled as you entered have gone. "

Escalation Site 2

This site also has some ships in the initial area and an additional pocket.

  • 4 Corpatis Seer
  • 0-1 Dark Blood Priest - drops Dark Blood loot
  • 4 Elder Corpum Dark Priest

A newly constructed acceleration gate leads to a new pocket

Blood Security Station 62 km

  • 3 Corpior Visionary FR
  • 4 Elder Coprii Reaver
  • 2 Corpatis Exorcist CR
  • 2 Corpum Shadow Sage CR
  • 2 Elder Corpum Arch Sage CR

Killing the Dark Blood Priest results in the next escalation. It is not necessary to clear out the pocket behind the gate. However it is also possible that no Dark Blood Priest spawns. Killing the structure in the second room then triggers another escalation.

"To your dismay, the main computers of this station took a direct hit during your assault and any information that might have been there is gone up in smoke. However, your instruments ran through the data from the fleeing ships and have come up with this location as a suggestion to where they might have warped. Again killing the Sentient Drone may give a further escalation "

Escalation Site 3

Similar to the second site.

  • 1 Elder Coprii Upholder FR
  • 4 Corpatis Phantom CR
  • 1 Corpatis Bishop CR
  • 1 Dark Blood Arch Priest/Sage CR - drops Dark Blood loot
  • 4 Elder Corpum Arch Sage CR

And the newly constructed acceleration gate leads to

  • 2 Corpior Visionary FR
  • 2 Corpatis Bishop CR


  • 4 Corpior Visionary FR
  • 3 Corpatis Fanatic CR
  • 4 Corpum Shadow Sage CR


  • 2 Coprii Reaver FR
  • 1 Elder Corpii Diviner
  • 1 Elder Corpum Arch Priest
  • 1 Elder Corpum Arch Sage

Once again, kill the Dark Blood Arch Priest for the escalation. Doing the pocket is optional.

"It looks like the most interesting of these Blood ships got away during the fight. Luckily for you though, one of its communication devices seems to be malfunctioning and is for no apparent reason sending out a constant stream of thumping sounds. Your instruments have no problems tracing where it is coming from. It is an extremely irritating sound. Aggrivating too. The thumping of doom. "

Escalation Site 4

The final site in this escalation chain. Initially there are no ships. Shooting at one of the two Blood Sacrifical Arenas spawns:

  • 3 Coprior Visionary FR
  • 5 Corpum Dark Priest CR
  • 2 Corpum Shadow Sage CR

Shooting at the Moka - Asteroid Station spawns a large enemy force. During the fight the station will also activate a smartbomb that will damage nearby player ships.

  • 6 sentry heavy missile
  • 5 Corpior Visionary FR
  • 2 Corpior Friar
  • 2 Elder Corpii Engraver
  • 2 Corpatis Exorcist CR
  • 4 Corpatis Fanatic CR
  • 4 Corpatis Phantom CR
  • 4 Corpatis Seer CR
  • 4 Corpum Arch Priest
  • 2 Elder Corpum Priest
  • 3 Elder Corpum Revenant

Follewed by

  • 5 Blood Wraith FR
  • 2 Corpatis Fanatic CR
  • 1 Motoh Olin - drops Corpum C-Type loot

When Motoh Olin is destroyed the escalation chain is completed.

"For a while there, you almost wished you had brought more friends with you and you are relieved you managed to blow the station before more could scramble against you. You are also relieved you managed to kill off that blasted gurgle sound. Permanently. "

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