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About Us

BattleClinic is the largest and most complete support site for EVE-Online, based on both registered membership and alexa web statistics.

BattleClinic's philosophy is to help players Fight Smart.

Overview and Background

The site provides player-built tools and guides for free use, which help players deepen their enjoyment of EVE-Online. Founded by SghnDubh, the site began serving other science-fiction based games in 2001 and continues to enjoy record growth and use by the EVE-Online player base. BattleClinic is independent and privately run; it's not part of a larger corporate property. The site does not accept third-party advertising except if it's related to the games it supports.


BattleClinic is continually expanding and growing its list of free tools and guides for players. The site offers:

  • Largest overall EVE killboard, with over 22 million kills in the database
  • Home of EVEMon, the immensely popular character skill manager
  • Share-able ship loadout forum, where players can make, view, and comment on ship loadouts from the entire EVE community
  • New Player Guide, a PDF downloaded over 50,000 times.
  • Salvage and POS guides
  • Calculators
  • Region choke points
  • Item database
  • Interactive e-learning modules
  • Recruiting boards
  • Contests
  • Gallery for video and screenshots
  • High-traffic forums with over 150 thousand registered members

And much, much more. A partial list is available here: link

Authorized EVE Online TimeCode Reseller

BattleClinic's Deep Space Supply site Deep Space Supply is one of the largest game timecode (GTC) resellers for EVE-Online. The site does not conduct intrusive verification phone calls and focuses on selling codes without undue hassle to its customers. Proceeds fund BattleClinic's efforts to continue to build great tools and help guides for the community.

Deep Space Supply is not affiliated with other timecode retailers, some of which have ties to gray market sites. Gray market sites violate CCP's EULA by selling in-game items and ISK improperly. Many of these sites have also been linked to malware, keyloggers, scams, and identity theft.


Killboards are a popular service that thousands of players take advantage of. BattleClinic operates several killboard sites. Killboards help players fight smart, which is the site's core philosophy. The sites include, which provide players with their own personal, corp, or alliance killboards, and EVE-KB, which is the same killboard found at BattleClinic.

Network of Sites

The BattleClinic network currently consists of:


BattleClinic frequently reaches out to community developers and other popular fansites to form partnerships, host useful applications, or cross-promote each other's work.

Management Team

  • Founder: SghnDubh
  • Chief Architect: MrCue
  • Site Advisor: Aenigma
  • Publisher Relations: Magoj Sicos
  • Program Manager: Sky Grunthor
  • Griefwatch Manager: Merrick Tolkien
  • EVEMon Manager: Araan Sunn
  • GtkEveMon Manager: Simon Fuhrmann
  • Senior Moderators: Ronin Bloodangel, svzurich
  • Contributing Artist: Akuma Nei