Balancing the Books 4 of 10

Balancing the Books 4 of 10 - Various

Mission Description

We've discovered some new information from that black box you managed to salvage. The evidence suggests that the Guristas are solely responsible for the attack on the transport. It seems they've built a surveilance facility nearby; they use it to intercept shipping information and then launch attacks on our most vulnerable convoys.

We need you to handle this, player name. First you need to take out that outpost of theirs and any Gurista vessels defending it. Once the area is clear, we need you to uncover any plans for future attacks. I'm asking you not only because I think you can handle the combat, but also because I figure you would benefit from some hands-on training in the art of hacking

Fit this Civilian Codebreaker to your ship and use it on any data storage devices you can find inside the facility. Once you've hacked in, you should be able to recover a Data Chip for me. Bring back any chips you find. Taking out their outposts only buys us time; we also need to see what the Guristas have planned.

Mission Information

Type : Combat

Location : Deadspace

Mission Level : 1

Part of a Mission Chain : Yes

Mission Goal

The Guristas Pirates have put up a listening post nearby, where they intercept shipping information and use it to attack our vessels. I want you to go there to destroy the post and any Guristas Pirates ships you see. I also want you to use your codebreaker and hack open the Data Storage Device for me to retrieve the Encoded Data Chip.

Tips and Help

If you train your Electronics Upgrades to 3 and Hacking to at least 1 before accepting this mission, it makes it MUCH easier.


Additional Information About this Mission

Total Bounties:

Granted Item: One unit of Civilian Codebreaker

Mission Reward: One unit of Hacking

Bonus Reward: 56000 credits if missions is completed within 1 hour and 14 minutes.

ISK or credit rewards of a mission will differ slightly amongst different players, see Missions guide for answers.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: '

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: '

  • Start:
  • Amarr: Business Agent Aswamih Omid
  • Caldari: Business Agent Pusamon Arnen and Hakkaras Ihora
  • Gallente: Business Agents Loict Mensier and Antogase Pandon
  • Minmatar: Business Agents Eurbibad Kird