Aurora Security (Player corporation)

Name Aurora Security
Ticker [A.SEC]
CEO Funding
Founded Undisclosed
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Aurora's Diner
Website Aurora Security Forums

Aurora Security (A.SEC) was founded in the later part of 2007 from a group of comrades who had flown under the banner of Mithril Inc. in the Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate Alliance then later in Against All Authorities Alliance as members of The Collective. The Large fleet action of these alliances and the desire for faster paced smaller fleets is what prompted Alain Dezor to form A.SEC. By the end of 2007 Pierre Dumonte was appointed CEO and from that point the corporation grew to 40+ members and became very active in the Solitude region engaging in anti-pirate activity. In 2010 pressures outside the EVE Universe forced Pierre to step down, handing leadership of Aurora Security to Hedge Tails and Funding, both long-term members who had proven themselves as valuable leaders during the 2010 transition.

Alliance History

2008-01-08 Cyrene Initiative

During the corporation's stint with this roleplaying alliance, A.SEC made it's first forays into 0.0 by establishing an office and POS in nearby Syndicate Region. The actions of the local pirates promted Pierre Dumonte to issue a call to the residents of solitude to band together to fight the pirate scurge on Gal-Net. This call to arms caused an uproar in the pirate community and the story was covered by ISD Argooros Ployon.

2008-05-01 Shadows Incursion

A very brief stint. Initially an application was given to Cosmic Anomalies alliance, but were referred to Shadows Incursion who were seeking members and were working with CAN. The alliance then merged into Cosmic Anomalies.

2008-05-20 Cosmic Anomalies

In Cosmic Anomalies the corporation really came into it's own. It was in this alliance that A.SEC was re-united with old friends from solitude and learned the business of 0.0 combat, POS deployment and larger scale combat. Aurora Security celebarated its 1 year anniversary while living in 0.0 with Cosmic Anomalies. There was however much internal strife in the alliance which lead to a break up and formation of a new alliance

2008-10-05 Sc0rched Earth

when the CEO of Ascent of Ages corporation invited Aurora Security to help form a new alliance with Oddball Navy, Honour Bound and Domination a new and exciting chapter in the corporation's history began. It was a risky move, but the members of the corporation were ready to accept the risk and challenge. The challenge of maintaining sovereignty towers, however proved to be too much for the corporation so the decision was made to merge with other corporations in the alliance. Most of the membership went to Ixion Defense Systems and some went to Honour Bound and to Domination. The corporation itself went dormant with Sylvia Dumonte being appointed as CEO.

Reformation and Rebirth

2009-05-01 Gallente Militia

As sc0rched Earth Alliance successfully defended it's Sov 4 constellation, the members of A.SEC again felt the need to find smaller faster paced action. So after some sad goodbyes, many of the original members left their corporations in BYRN to recreate the small but successful corp that got them all started in their 0.0 life. The decision was, at first to go back to solitude. However, the political and economical needs of the members had changed and that region was not the best fit. After some exploration, the decision was made to join the Gallente Militia in order to find more recruits as well as to satisfy the lust for combat that the veterans of Sc0rched Earth had developed.

Back to 0.0

2009-08-05 Vanguard. Alliance

With the fall of all the Gallente systems to the Caldari onslaught, and the constant threat of Concord reprisals for actions taken to further the corporation goals, Aurora Security's senior staff decided that a move beyond the reach of Concord would be in the Corporation's best interests. To that end we pursued a relationship with Dark Motoko of Vanguard. Alliance. Based out of 4C-B7X where a lot of assets were left from a previous residence in the area, A.SEC looked forward to continued growth and accomplishment.

2009-11-10 Art of Defiance Alliance

Disagreements with leadership and future plans of Vanguard. led to a decision to take the open offer from -FFS-. The small but capable alliance was not far so the sudden and unannounced move to -FFS- caught Vanguard. off guard as well as many members of A.SEC Made up of former wing mates from Sc0rched Earth the switch went well and the future looked very bright with Dominion looming on the Horizon.

2010-02-15 Dead Terrorists Alliance

The changing landscape in NPC 0.0 led -FFS- to condense and merge with IKILU (Dead Terrorists). Although a change in direction from the anti-pirate roots of A.SEC, the goal of the corporation to enjoy regular high-intensity combat has been easily achieved with the other members of IKILU. Dead Terrorists and a group of other alliances in the area were able to successfully harass Vanguard. to the point that they took up an option to leave Outer Ring. Once again A.SEC has returned to 4C-B7X as a base of operations in 0.0, now flying with the capable and bloodthirsty pilots of IKILU.

2010-06-01 Forever Forgotten Alliance

The high PvP requirements in Dead Terrorists conflicted with the current membership of A.SEC in mid 2010, as the corp had turned more towards industry than combat. A.SEC maintained their good relationship with IKILU and moved to Forever Forgotten, an industry-focused alliance based in 0.0 and losec.