The Atron is a hard nugget with an advanced power conduit system, but little space for cargo. Although it is a good harvester when it comes to mining, its main ability is as a combat vessel.


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
400 HP
Max VelocityMax Velocity
420 m/sec
Inertia ModifierInertia Modifier
2.8 x
1,050,000 kg
22500 m3
145 m3


powergrid Outputpowergrid Output
37 MW
Low SlotsLow Slots
Med SlotsMed Slots
High SlotsHigh Slots
CPU OutputCPU Output
147 tf
Launcher hardpointsLauncher hardpoints
0 hardpoints
Turret hardpointsTurret hardpoints
3 hardpoints
400 points
Upgrade HardpointsUpgrade Hardpoints
3 hardpoints


Recharge timeRecharge time
165 s
Capacitor CapacityCapacitor Capacity
330 GJ


Maximum Targeting RangeMaximum Targeting Range
25 km
Max  Locked TargetsMax Locked Targets
Magnetometric Sensor StrengthMagnetometric Sensor Strength
8 points
Signature RadiusSignature Radius
35 m
Scan ResolutionScan Resolution
900 mm


Shield CapacityShield Capacity
300 HP
Shield Em Damage ResistanceShield Em Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield Explosive Damage ResistanceShield Explosive Damage Resistance
50 %
Shield Kinetic Damage ResistanceShield Kinetic Damage Resistance
40 %
Shield Thermal Damage ResistanceShield Thermal Damage Resistance
20 %
Shield recharge timeShield recharge time
625 s


Armor HitpointsArmor Hitpoints
350 HP
Armor Em Damage ResistanceArmor Em Damage Resistance
50 %
Armor Explosive Damage ResistanceArmor Explosive Damage Resistance
10 %
Armor Kinetic Damage ResistanceArmor Kinetic Damage Resistance
35 %
Armor Thermal Damage ResistanceArmor Thermal Damage Resistance
35 %


Tech LevelTech Level
1 Level
Rig SizeRig Size


Atron Blueprint i Atron Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Gallente Frigate Gallente Frigate I
Spaceship CommandSpaceship Command I


Tech I
i Atron
Tech II
i Ares
i Taranis

The Atron is the poor man's Interceptor. It can be fitted for extreme speeds extremely cheaply, with its only downsides coming as a result.

With two midslots, fitting an atron for pvp comes down to a single question: which do I want more for pvp, a stasis webifier or a warp scrambler? most pilots will prefer the scrambler or disruptor, however, webs can appear, especially if there are more than one frigate.

The Atron is not a terribly effective ship for anything except holding a single target in pvp combat for other members of a fleet to destroy, and it is only good at that because of its speed.

A single Atron is an extremely cheap ship, with fittings often costing as much or more than the ship's value, even if they are simple tech 1 variants. This means that almost any player can afford to maintain a large supply of them for fleet combat.

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