Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W2: Draft: Intergalactic Summit Communication: Week 1 Report

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Draft: Intergalactic Summit Communication: Week 1 Report
Date 113.07.17 01:10
Content Greetings all,

The following is a draft of the report I'd like to publish to the Intergalactic Summit sometime today. If there are any additions anyone is interested in contributing, please let me know before 5:00 today.


Please note: New developments are outlined below, chiefly, two candidates for further research, as well as goals for various divisions in the coming week.

Greetings to you all once again,

In the interests of operating as transparently as possible, I come before you to report on the first week’s operation of the Arek’Jaalan project. I do this on behalf of the capsuleer members that form our collective. They have assisted in the drafting of this report, and it is their actions that take its focus.

General News: Formation, Research, and Organization: The Arek’Jaalan Project was started just one week ago, and in yet in this short amount of time a great deal has already been achieved. At our inception, the coming together of so many different capsuleers and organizations led to a large amount of information being shared regarding pre-existing research and well-known papers. Capsuleers made themselves available for military assistance as well as research, helping build confidence in the long-term viability of expeditions for on-site studies.

Later in the week, the energies of the collective were turned towards an organizational focus, after a need for greater efficiency in information sharing arose. This organizational work is ongoing, but we have made excellent progress so far, especially in such a short time.

Our formation has not been without its controversy. Arek’Jaalan will not comment on specific matters at this time. Once the various administrative divisions have better organized themselves, the collective will be able to speak with a clearer, unified voice on matters and concerns raised by the general community. We ask for your patience until that time.

Looking Ahead:
The following are some of the Arek’Jaalan Project’s goals for next week.

  • Eifyr & Co. should deliver the first analyses of Sleeper artifacts gathered during Project Dutch Gun (links)
  • Salaried archivists will be hired to help with information gathering on Arek’Jaalan information portals.
  • Various research proposals will be outlined and plans for experimentation made; the Talocan Communications Systems Study (TCSS) and Wormhole Topology Project (WTP) being two candidates requiring further planning and organization.
  • EC, LA, SEC, & MRID Divisions will aim to release draft frameworks for various fundamentals; ethical code, membership guidelines, mission statements, rules of engagement during Arek’Jaalan operations, media and diplomatic contact list.

Research Report:
Phase I of Project Dutch gun was completed with rapid success thanks to the generous donation of time and material from various capsuleers. Eifyr & Co. scientists are currently cataloging the collected artifacts for analysis and evaluation.

Various research proposals have been made, although at this time, none are fully underway.

Finance Report:
A full budgeting breakdown will be prepared in future reports as acquisitions and funding needs are actually attended to.

Currently, the Arek’Jaalan budget sits at 1.1B ISK, with another 2B ISK pledged by The Antiquarian, Project Lead for Acquisitions.

Beyond meeting the immediate need for archivists, no further budgeting is planned. If necessary, funding for various research proposals and divisional needs will be considered and outlined in the coming week’s report.

Divisional Reports:
As Arek’Jaalan better organizes itself into divisions and research within them is compiled, I will be asking project leads to submit updates for these weekly reports. Expect to see the first of those in the coming weeks.