Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W2: Data Dictionary -- Request for Requirements

From Akasha Prime
Subject Data Dictionary -- Request for Requirements
Date 113.07.16 20:56
Content Greetings Project Personnel,

Some of us are working on a data dictionary to consolidate and cross-reference all of the data that we expect to use in the course of this project. We are asking that anyone who has suggestions or requests to send us your requirements so that we can fully define the structure of the data set before we begin uploading to the shared site.

Currently, we are planning to have the following sections:

  1. Glossary of terms and acronyms used in the project
  2. Detailed listing of Sleeper and Rogue drone morph types, structures, habitats and salvagable remains
  3. Information (and links where appropriate) regarding wormholes, their environments, and phenomena. We understand there is already information available in some places and we want to link to quality data sources where available and fill in the gaps where no data exists.

As this data will serve as a cross-divisional reference, the MD team would like to work with the AD team to ensure that the data is complete, accurate, and easily accessible to all divisions.

We feel that a universal standardized data set is imperative to achieve maximum cross-divisional operational efficiency. Thank you for your input and your time.


Project Lead, AJ-MD
CEO, The Voidstalker Heresy