Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W2: Astrometrics division creation proposal

From Gehen Sealbreaker
Subject Astrometrics division creation proposal
Date 113.07.17 09:03
Content Greetings capsuleers.

I have registered myself officially on the Eifyr and Co. portal as a researcher for both the Multidisciplinary and Sleeper Technology divisions.

I will have a lot to contribute as a member of the Sleeper Tech. division, based on my previous experience with interfacing Sleeper technologies with Empire ones - mainly revolving around Strategic Cruisers.

My registration to the "Multidisciplinary" division is something less straightforward, and is related to several research projects underway at Sealbreaker Labs at the moment. I already asked for public help for one of those - the Anoikis asteroid ore study, or, as it is known internally, SBL AOC-23. (We are in the process of finding it a more "marketable" name since it's now in the public view.)

However, most of the projects I am researching at the moment are revolving around Astrometrics and Astrosurveying. I am, after all, a specialist of wormholes, and was already studying the EVE Gate and helping of some of The Sanctuary scientists long before Anoikis became known to us.

While I'm certain that I can prove useful to several other aspects of Arek'jaalan, and contribute to various research efforts, I would like to devote myself to what I do best. "Multidisciplinary" sounds like a division where everything which could not be fitted elsewhere would end, so I would like to propose to Pr. Tukoss, and to the comunity as a whole, the creation of an Astrometrics and Astrosurveying division. It would document Wormholes, all the celestial bodies found in Anoikis (Planets, moons, asteroids, cosmic phenomena), and finally, the various attempts at cartography of Anoikis and the relative position of systems. Should this division be created, I am ready to become its project lead. I would fulfill this role to the extend of what my limited schedule allows me, but with diligency, and have already several projects in the pipes.

Hopefully, Pr. Tukoss, this will not be too troublesome for the Eifyr and Co. archivists to create ?

Pr. Sealbreaker,
CEO, Sealbreaker Labs