Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W2: Arek'jaalan Logistics

From Grideris
Subject Arek'jaalan Logistics
Date 113.07.17 12:29
Content Before the Logistics arm of the AL Division can be established, there are a couple of questions that need to be answered.

First questions are to do with physical assets. While assets can be held by researchers while in use, who will retain custody of them when they are not being used? What about shared assets such as POSes? While the answer could be Eifyr and Co., I foresee problems with getting quick access as for now, Hilen Tukoss is our only point of contact, and he is busy enough as it is.

One of the other options we have is for the capsuleers involved with the logistics division to maintain custody of assets. However this also has the same problem as leaving it with Eifyr and Co. does, as it means that not all the items are available to all members of the logistics division at all times. It also presents a security risk, as a member of the logistics division could decide to take everything they have and run. This also makes it harder to keep track of all assets.

Another option is to have the assets in a single corporation, and have members of the logistics division (or proxies of them ((Read – alts))) become members of the corporation. This would allow for instant access to the entire inventory. While this does still carry the security risk, it allows us migrate it for items of higher value (by restricting access to divisions to trusted personnel). This does however mean that people will have to change corporations, which for many, is not an option. This does though have the added benefit of making it easier to keep track of all our assets.

If you have any other ideas, please share them. However, to keep the mailing list clean (and everyone sane), please don’t share them using the mailing list; do it at the research portal here: Division Portal