Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W23: The Shard Restaurant

From Guthris
Subject The Shard Restaurant // Christmas Dinner 113YC
Date 113.12.16 14:39
Content After opening its restaurant this year, The Shard Restaurant is proud to present its christmas menu.

We'll be offering a nine course meal this year, all ingredients are collected across the vastness of New Eden, with some even as far as wormhole space.

So lets not keep you waiting any longer.

Gooseliver, fermented redcabbage leaf juice, hazelnut. black olive, North seacrab

Nightlobsters, pinebranchoil, beechnuts, pumpkin

Mackerel belly, drained tomatoe juice, white beans

Sweetbread, Kinpun sake, coconut oil, mustardcabbage

Young cod with stock of Jerusalem artichoke flowers, and crispy Jerusalem artichokes

Scallops St. Jakob, Knobsellery BBQ

Tame hare, colliflour chlorofyl, Royal sauce, kyomi oranges and parsleyroot

Blackberries, watermint and pandan rice

Spices, passionfruit, white chivory, gingerbeer

9 course meal 200.000.000 ISK
Wine assortment 90.000.000 ISK

Reservations can be handled by contacting the restaurant hotline at the Nourvukaiken VII Moon 14 station
A special discount is in place for Arek'Jaalan members. Reservations can be made for the 26th of December. The restaurant is closed on the 25th.

We hope to see you there!

With kind regards,

Michael S. Guthris
General Manager
The Shard Restaurant // Nourvukaiken III "The Needle space elevator"