Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W23: Monalaz Operations Attacked

From Kuorami Anasazi
Subject Monalaz Operations Attacked
Date 113.12.15 21:28
Content 113.12.15 19:17:00

Hangold System / Monalaz Constellation

Received via gate-tapping and traffic filtering, both of which are obviously quite illegal (meaning this ID is disposable, don't bother contacting me).

Intercept #1
Warning! You are entering a secure DED facility. Capsuleer access is strictly forbidden.

Any further attempt to trespass in this area will be met by lethal force. This is your only warning.

Intercept #2
We are under heavy attack! Capsuleers are breaching our staging area!

All local files are to be transferred immediately from the archives to a secure location offsite. Initiate burn protocols for all hard data. DED forces will delay the capsuleer incursion at the staging area until we can secure all intelligence.

All remaining forces, rally to the archives!

Capsuleers involved: Deea Acros and Casmere of Tsunami Cartel Corporation, Dark Solar Empire Alliance.

From Mark726
Subject Monalaz Operations Attacked
Date 113.12.15 22:03
Content I've been in the process of slowly investigating a similar site I found in Access, the ISHAEKA Tactical Headquarters, which probably is what the CONCORD message I forwarded a few weeks ago refers to. The site is heavily fortified and more muscle than I can provide on my own will be needed to complete the investigation. I can provide details of the forces I've seen if anyone is interested, and please note that I'm interested as well in helping out should anyone try to breach the facility.

Regards, Mark726

From Myyona
Subject Monalaz Operations Attacked
Date 113.12.16 10:56
Content I am far from certain that destroying the CONCORD owned proporty and killing of ISHAEKA officers lies within the juristiction of A'J members. In fact, quite a lot of people would get very upset if it came out that capsuleers was doing these attacks in the name of A'J "investigation".


From Grideris
Subject Monalaz Operations Attacked
Date 113.12.16 12:05
Content I would like to reiterate SEC's position is still that A'J will not go looking for anything. However, the conduct of individual members ont heir own time is still their own, and does not necessarily reflect the project as a whole. This won't change unless we have reason for it to do so, and I don't think that will happen any time soon.

Basically, please stay out in the name of A'J. If you want to go in there, you go alone.

SEC Lead

From Mark726
Subject Monalaz Operations Attacked
Date 113.12.16 16:21
Content You both, of course, are entirely correct, and I apologize for forgetting the decisions A'J has made in the past.