Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W23: Consolidation of Data

From Aedeal
Subject Consolidation of Data
Date 113.12.16 15:28
Content Following a very informative talk with various members of the project, it seems that we have a lot of potential thought out there, but it seems to be wasting itself on coming up with the same conclusion over and over. I propose that we consider a table of facts that can be agreed on as 'most probable'. This is not, I repeat NOT, a list of hard facts. We're dealing with an archaelogical investigation not a methematical paper. Those who refuse to believe anything at all until proven can go immerse themselves in equations, this is history not calculus. I would start off with:

The Sleepers and Talocan inhabited separate areas of New Eden. They show various differences in architecture and structural purpose. From this we can infer that they were not the one and same race/group at the time these objects were constructed. This does not rule out the possiblity that the two merged later on.

The Sleepers constructed a giant virtual Utopia for themselves. What form this takes is unknown, but it seems likely that any 'live' Sleepers would be found in this VR. To avoid confusion, I would suggest calling this VR Utopia 'The Dream', those hooked into it and unaware of the real world are 'The Dreamers', those hooked up yet aware of the real world are 'The Aware'. Awakened would be a nicer name, but that would lead to confusion with the current drone clasification system. This gives us a better and clearer method to deal with infomorphic nature, a new concept in our language.

From the Mirror Medical Enclanve, the Quarantine, the Residential areas, the term 'Infomorph' and also the lack of mechanical mention in legends, it must be assumed that the Sleepers are descendants of the EVE wormhole. Thus, they comprised of human beings during their history.

The founding of the Sleeper's Anoikis civilisation was around the time that the Minmatar tribes were coming together. This is from the legend of the Sleepers in a previous mail. THIS IS NOT AN EXACT DATE! It is a range of a few hundred years for this to take place.

Anoikis was devastated by a highly deadly, highly contagious infection at an unknown point in time. The origin of the virus is unknown. This infection is the most probable cause of death for Talocan and Sleeper.

This is the larger picture as I see it, breakdowns are available on mailed request. I refuse to deal with people who want to deal in absolutes, or people that want to concoct a random story and fit their data to it. You're on your own.