Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W22: Update on Monalaz

From Mark726
Subject Update on Monalaz
Date 113.12.03 06:04
Content Greetings, fellow pilots,

For those of you who may not recall, near the beginning of Arek'Jaalan's existence, we were warned by CONCORD to stay away from Monalaz (the Constellation you must enter in order to access the EVE Gate and surrounding systems). We were not told of any specific information, but rather warned generally to stay away from CONCORD affairs in that Constellation. After vigorous debate, the Project decided to ignore CONCORD's warning to stay out of Monalaz, while still attempting to stay out of CONCORD's way should any activity present itself. This was perhaps 6 months ago. We have heard nothing from CONCORD about activity since that time.

Just now, as I was moving through Monalaz for Project Compass, Aura presented me with the following information:

"In this dark new era of Sansha’s Nation incursions, the Monalaz constellation has become home to the most well-funded and notable anti-Sansha taskforce, Operation ISHAEKA (Intaki for “Leader Two”).

"ISHAEKA represents a multinational effort to coordinate forces against Sansha Kuvakei and oppose his twisted, dystopian visions of conformity and slavish obedience. The tactical response unit is comprised primarily of DED captains, but it is also supplemented by a contingent of elite combat veterans from the Tash-Murkon region. These soldiers are known only as the Justiciars.

"The ISHAEKA taskforce is believed to have relocated to the Monalaz constellation shortly after the conclusion of the first phase of their operation. During Phase One, the taskforce was deployed to the Stain region. Rumors persist that the Justiciars learned something of Nation’s plans while on deployment, and that their choice to relocate to Monalaz, of all places, speaks volumes about what they may have discovered."

It appears to be clear to me that this is what CONCORD wanted us to stay away from. I have not yet had the chance to thoroughly investigate Monalaz for any CONCORD allied structures, but I shall be doing so on my first opportunity.

Warm Regards,

From Ollie Rundle
Subject Update on Monalaz
Date 113.12.04 01:56
Content All,

While we are, of course, all free to pursue whatever individual goals and ambitions we might have I'd remind you that the project and its members have already been warned formally on one occassion to leave Monalaz and the ISHAEKA / DED sites there well enough alone. The feeling at the time was that the Arek'Jalaan project could not really afford to make enemies of either CONCORD or its military and police branches. To my knowledge, this 'informal' consensus has not recently changed.

I would suggest that we hold off on any investigations into Monalaz until Dr Tukoss has had time to consider the consequence of such actions for the project.


-- Ollie Rundle
-- Logistics & Administration Lead // Arek'Jalaan
-- The Synenose Accord