Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W22: Geztic

From Gejaheline
Subject Geztic
Date 113.12.08 22:45
Content Many thanks to El Geo for writing most of this; I just added the module list.

Geztic < finaka < khanid
khanid kingdom

Sun A0 (blue small)
Temperature 6025 k
spectral class F9 v
luminosity 0.8129
age 3,396,000,000
radius 522,900

only the shuttle 150km off the warp in to sun, see below study on shuttle

8 belts
Icefield has clear icicle
Asteroid belt content : veldspar, kernite, scordite and pyroxeres
Blood raiders spotted inc. Blood collectors, heralds & seekers

Planets include 5 gas, 1 ice, 2 barren and a temperate planet - all orbits are clear
moons, pos at V - 8 owners are victoria cross enterprise
all other moon orbits are clear

Stargates : Clear of anything unusual

The shuttle facts at time of report :
"Why is this shuttle floating around so close to the star"
distance from beacon to star is 337634km
shuttle is 100m size
Velocity 177m/s transversal average is 177m/s

The following (long) list of modules were deployed on the Mysterious Shuttle, to no effect aside from the documented response produced by ECM, which I (Geja) speculate is caused by some mundane effect of ECM on non-capsuleer navigation equipment:

Cargo Scanner I
Small Remote Armor Repair System I
Analyzer I
Codebreaker I
ECM - Ion Field Projector I
ECM - Multispectral Jammer I
ECM - Phase Inverter I
ECM - Spatial Destabilizer I
ECM - White Noise Generator I
Small Energy Neutralizer I
Small Nosferatu I
ECCM Projector I
Small Remote Hull Repair System I
Remote Sensor Booster I
Remote Sensor Dampener I
Small Shield Transporter I
Ship Scanner I
Stasis Webifier I
Target Painter I
Tracking Disruptor I
Warp Disruptor I
Warp Scrambler I
Small Energy Transfer Array I
Focused Warp Disruption

Xbox360clock ran a full scan using core, combat and deep space probes, nothing unusual was found

From Andreus Ixiris
Subject Geztic
Date 113.12.10 00:11
Content I'm sorry, can you confirm - the star is listed as Sun A0 (blue small) but its spectral class is listed as F9V?

That's a direct contradiction - A0 is a spectral classification. The radius, temperature and age of the star all suggest an F9V star (white-yellow dwarf). All signs point towards a misprint in any literature that claims it's an A0 - it's not large or hot enough to be A-class.

From Gejaheline
Subject Geztic
Date 113.12.10 01:08
Content Studies suggest, from randomly sampling astronomical data, that the spectral classes of virtually every star in the universe has been incorrectly recorded. For example, the Eram star is obviously a K5 according to my neocom, but it's had its spectral type recorded as K6 in the attributes section of the datasheet. Similarly, Seyllin is known to be an A0, but its spectral type is recorded as F1.

For those not in the know, the type/spectral class is determined by looking at the temperature and colour of a star; if Seyllin was an F1 class, it would certainly not be blue. Similarly, F9 is even colder, so Geztic would not be blue either.

As such, I suggest relying on your neocom's onboard spectrograph to give you an adequate description of the star's type, rather than referring to the recorded attributes of a given star.

How this egregious error has been permitted to exist I have no idea.

Feel free to contact me if anyone has any questions; I certainly had a tricky time wrapping my head around the issue myself...

From Andreus Ixiris
Subject Geztic
Date 113.12.10 08:36
Content Every capsuleer who's ever used the CONCORD astronomical database knows the data is deeply unreliable - listed temperatures and pressures for a lot of very demonstrably inhabited planets would make them entirely inimical to human life if they were correct (or in some cases, possible - some data given in the database violates basic physics).