Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W22: Exploration of Ginnungagap

From Andreus Ixiris
Subject Exploration of Ginnungagap
Date 113.12.05 18:36
Content Discussions in the Arek'jaalan channel have led to some interesting debate about the nature of nonstandard stellar phenomena such as Wolf-Rayet stars, cataclysmic variables and black holes, and how they have anomalous, unpredictable and occasionally dangerous effects on shipboard systems. Prior to the opening of the Anoikis - as far as I am aware, at least - anomalous disruption of shipboard systems was almost unheard of.

However, there exists in easy reach of Eram, one fairly large nonstandard stellar phenomena - Ginnungagap.

Now, the stargates leading to systems near Ginnungagap, if they ever existed at all - I don't have the data on that - are entirely closed off from regular capsuleer traffic, probably due to the danger inherent in attempting to enter these systems. However, capsuleers are not particularly adverse to danger, and quite a lot of us - well, not to put it too bluntly, but a lot of us have been in systems dangerously close to black holes and lived to tell about it.

It would be interesting to see if the disruptive phenomena in systems in close proximity to wormholes are replicated in systems close to Ginnungagap, or if the disruption is somehow inherent to wormhole space. There's no theoretical reason why the latter should be the case, but if it is, it would lend credence to the concept that there's something fundamentally "different" about the Anoikis.

Now, this would presumably require lobbying the Minmatar government to either open up stargates to those systems or outright construct them. Obviously, the former is going to be orders of magnitude easier than the latter, but I think it's a worthwhile research pursuit. We'd need someone possessed of a little clout with the Minmatar government, of course.

- Andreus Ixiris