Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W22: Covert Mining Op

From El Geo
Subject Covert Mining Op - Acquisition - Tesseract
Date 113.12.06 22:15
Content So far Project Tesseract is running into some difficulty in collecting ore samples from A0 star systems. Specifically, null sec residences are giving our miners a lot of trouble. The acquisition list includes 110 nullsec star systems and we cannot keep replacing ships lost. I propose we form up a specialized team to get the ores as quick as possible while evading conflict as much as possible. Here's a proposal to gauge interest.

What we need: Experience in null and operating covert vessels is a plus.

Group 1 - Covert Prospecting and Logistics
1x Black Ops vessel
2x Blockade Runners
4x Recon vessels fitted with mining lasers

Group 2 - Pathfinder Group
1x Cyno capable covert ops
5x Covert Scout

Cyno and scouts should head first leading the way into the destination system. Scouts then spread out to surrounding system to keep intel on local traffic. Black Ops would jump into the destination system and bridge for the recon miners and blockade runners. Blockade runners would cloak up while the miners acquire the ore. With 4 recons with Miner IIs we should be able to get the sample in one cycle, so theoredically each system should take no more than 10 minutes.

Going Forward:
We are looking for volunteers with the appropriate skills and ship for the fleet as well as affordable jump fuel.

El Geo