Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W22: Attack on Site One

From Gejaheline
Subject YC 113.12.03 03:33 Attack on Site One report.
Date 113.12.03 04:06
Content At 03:33, Kanza Mikakka attempted to attack Site One, deploying a Condor frigate loaded with smartbombs near the main hangar bay of Site One's admin structure. Fortunately, security units on-site were already present with logistics and warships and only minor damage was sustained by nearby vessels before his ship was eliminated. He then proceeded to fly to the local star in his pod and self-destruct. His body is in the capable hands of Aquila Shadow pending a forensic examination.

Several hours prior to this, Mikakka was spotted deploying suspicious packages at various sites in the system, marked "node 1", "node 2" and so forth. These appeared to be remotely-detonated bombs, containing a transmitter, a quantity of explosives, and some Noxicum. The components of one of these units has been retained and stored prior to examination.

Subsequently, containers containing transmitters were also found deployed, and a "System scanner relay" was located outside one of the stations, containing several high-tech communications devices along with computers and a Sleeper Central System Controller. This device was also disassembled and awaits examination in my hangar under secure guard.

Apparently the disassembly of this device was "too late", though for what is uncertain. Mikakka then proceeded with their suicide attack, having swapped their Succubus for a more conventional Condor.

I would like to commend the Arek'jaalan staff who took part in the operations to disrupt and pursue Mikakka's operations, tenaciously pursuing and removing many of his devices and ultimately eliminating him when he assaulted Site One. Their zeal and motivation in the face of restrictive rules of engagement and an elusive foe were most impressive. Thank you all.

I shall hold onto a sample of the evidence we acquired until required for analysis, and welcome any analysis or speculation of this strange situation. If you are interested in the specifics of what was contained in each device, I shall write up a summary once I have completed a preliminary examination of the devices.