Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W21: Update: Details on Site One Attack

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Update: Details on Site One Attack
Date 113.11.30 20:28
Content Greetings all,

A few more details to share.

It appears that around an hour ago, a breach of our security was attempted by an unknown individual or individuals, presumably capsuleers.

Two security vessels were destroyed and material acquired from them was used to activate the acceleration gate present at the site. Only a few crew members remain unaccounted for at this time.

The gate these individuals were attempting to use currently leads to an empty pocket of space. No construction or work of any significance has begun there (only basic surveying has begun so far), as those who presumably found the wrecks at the same location can hopefully verify. This suggests that our would-be infiltrators were perhaps expecting something more.

As soon as these individual's identities were discovered to be falsified, a notification was sent to CONCORD, and special operations teams were dispatched to neutralize the situation. Both pilots have since had their capsuleer records wiped.

I agree with others that the somewhat bizarre nature of events is designed to muddy the waters, and that we should not rush to conclusions.

I've sent a formal request of information to the State War Academy, on behalf of Eifyr & Co. to share any information they can about these two individuals, but I suspect little in the way of solid leads.

Please continue to report any clearly violent or erratic behaviour observed at Site One to the list, and remember to presume innocence on a capsuleer's behalf as a matter of course. We do not want to start threaning day-old pilots with a genuine interest in our research.