Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W21: Increased Sleeper Presence

From Open Graves
Subject Increased Sleeper Presence
Date 113.12.01 23:21
Content Greeting from W-Space. I am a pilot with Lone Star Explorations operating in C4 and C5 wormhole space. I just wanted to make everyone aware that the Sleepers seem to have increased their presence in a number of sites within the wormholes. For instance they typically gaurded a Vital Core Reservoir with a pair of frigates and a pair of battleships. Yesterday our fleets encountered a total of 4 sleeper frigates and 4 sleeper battleships at a multitude of these sites. Vast Frontier Reservoirs were occupied previously by 4 sleeper cruisers are now occupied by 8 sleeper cruisers. Use caution when exploring these areas.

Open Graves