Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W21: Cause of action?

From DutchGunner
Subject Cause of action?
Date 113.12.01 00:12
Content My fellow AJ participants,

I believe i can speak for many amongst us when i say that i am shocked and slightly outraged with this attack on Site One.

However i suggest we wait untill the gathered materials from the attackers are analysed. I think the Reports will prove a good source of information about who would be after the attack. However i believe it will take a lot of time to decrypt the encrypted data. It believe will be a big, if not huge, challenge to crack that encryption. This is ofcourse with taking into account that whoever is behind is is also able to forge capsuleer backgrounds.

Let us also try to protect and assist the Site One Personal as i've received several reports about fellow capsuleers attacking the personal ships in Site One.

We may be unable to attack the agressors at this time, due to CONCORD policies. However that doesn't stop us from aiding the vessels or structures that come under attack.



From Guillome Renard
Subject Cause of action?
Date 113.12.01 00:35
Content If I recall CONCORD rules of engagement (and I'll confess, it's been a while since I've ran afoul of them), providing any form of remote aid to vessels under attack runs the risk that you will be considered to have taken hostile action against the agressing party.

Frankly, this won't be enough to stop me from flying in defense of Site One, but be aware that you may invite aggression onto your own vessel. Be prepared to receive fire if you step up.

It'd be a shame for an otherwise defenseless vessel to lend aid, only to be destroyed immediately by the aggressor.


From Gejaheline
Subject Cause of action?
Date 113.12.01 00:45
Content There seems to be some form of huge red-tape snafu RE Site one, possibly relating to CONCORD jurisdiction problems. I shall sum up the various points that were discovered during the attacks on Site One today. I shan't go into reasoning why, merely the basic facts, and shall leave speculation to those wiser than I.

1: Capsuleers may freely fire upon the non-capsuleer staff at Site One.
2: Capsuleers who are firing upon non-capsuleer staff may not be fired upon by other capsuleers, including A'J staffers.
3: Capsuleers MAY remote-repair non-capsuleer staffers with no repercussions, to the point where attackers cannot fire upon the remote-repairers.
4: Capsuleer - capsuleer interactions obey the normal RoE. The above only apply if there is a non-capsuleer ship involved in the middle.

So, to sum up: Capsuleer staff may defend non-capsuleer staff by repairing them, but may not retaliate with force against their attackers.
Similarly, Capsuleer attackers may not attack A'J capsuleers who are repairing non-capsuleer staff.
I suggest that you take advantage of this to keep Site One craft intact until their crews have time to evacuate.

Naturally, if you get a warning that repairing a target will flag you for aggression, do not attempt to repair the target unless you know what you're doing.

From Rosewalker
Subject Cause of action?
Date 113.12.01 06:08
Content This may be a stupid question, but can we use repair drones or are we confined to modules mounted on our ships to aid the defense forces?