Arek'Jaalan Mailing List W21: Arek'Jaalan Site One: Antiquus

From Hilen Tukoss
Subject Arek'Jaalan Site One: Antiquus - Open for Public Access
Date 113.11.29 17:00
Content Greetings all,

As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, the first in-space Arek'Jaalan site went live today for public access in the system of Eram.

Once again I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions, whatever form they took. Without capsuleer assistance, our fledgling project would not have made it this far.

I'd also like to congratulate everyone on this first, key success.

Having said all that, this is but the first small step on a long and winding path. Arek'Jaalan's research has, so far, only reached perhaps a few hundred capsuleers. In the future, we want that number to be in the thousands, and someday, in the hundreds of thousands.

We've a lot of work left to do, but you should all take this week to celebrate our successes, and to cherish all the good that can come from cooperative efforts like ours.


P.S. For those unable to attend the Eram site, I will be making infolinks to all of the Round 1 Research Documents shortly.

From Gehen Sealbreaker
Subject Arek'Jaalan Site One: Antiquus - Open for Public Access
Date 113.11.30 18:22
Content On behalf of the whole team of Project Astrosurvey, congratulations to everyone for this achievement.

Let's not let this victory make us complacent, thus. There is still much more to do.

Pr. Sealbreaker
CEO, Sealbreaker Labs
Multidisciplinary division - Head of project Astrosurvey